Sunday, March 3, 2013

DIY : triple scarab beetles pendant

I've been lucky to visit Egypt a few times, 

and got few souvenirs back.

... under the form of Scarab Beetles.

The ancient Egyptians saw how these beetles lived and emerged from dry ground and used this as a metaphor for the entombing and resurrection of their mummies. In this way the beetle became the Egyptian symbol for rebirth, the ability to be reborn. 
Scarabs were worn as jewelery and amulets in ancient Egypt. The Heart Scarab, which had hieroglyphic inscriptions on the back, was often buried with the dead to ensure the rebirth of the deceased in the afterlife. They were placed over the heart of the deceased to keep it from confessing sins during its interrogation in the "Weighing of the Heart" ceremony.

The large one is a lapis lazuli cabochon, the medium one is the cheapest kind of bead that you can find in every street market, and the small one is a sterling silver carved charm.
(similar: hereherehere)

I've been wanting to do something with these three guys for quite awhile, and I finally got the right inspiration.

I used my three scarab beetles,
* small pieces of leather (cut out from an old handbag),
* sterling silver wire(Sterling Silver Wire 20 Gauge Round Half Hard)
* one 9mm Jump Ring Closed
* one 7.5mm Split Ring
* one Sterling Silver Swivel Curved Lobster Clasp 19.5mm

draw a much larger oval and use it as a template 
(3" x 2")

trace the oval on the back of the leather 
and cut two pieces

use a craft stick and spread some E-6000 glue
place the two wrong side on top of each other, wait until dry,
and refinish the edges with some sharp scissors

use a  water soluble marker to draw an inner 
oval at about 1/8" from the outer edge
slowly sew around onto the marked line

use a Leather Hole Punch to make two holes 

use a pair of round nose pliers to connect the medium size scarab beetle 
to the small charm

and use the pliers to connect the two 
to the bottom of the piece of leather

bend the wire with the round nose pliers,
leaving 2" of wire at each end
bend the two sides of the wire inward and twist

wrap around the wire in a round loop several times 
(I used Three Step Wire Looping Round Nose Pliers
but a pencil can do)

spred E-6000 glue onto the back of my large scarab beetle
and placed it in the center of the leather medallion

I cut a strip of leather of 1/4"x20" and wrap the edges around the 9mm jumpring on one side, 
the split ring on the other side, 
connected the lobster clasp and sew two stitches to secure them in place

xox, d.

keep in touch! 
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