Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY nautical leather cords bracelet

a truly nautical bracelet
using a bow shackle as a clasp

Because we are craving spring and colors and lazy days on the beach!


1.5 mm round leather cords - 1 meter each in three different colors
* 3/8" bow-shackle -1
* crimp ribbon pinch 10 mm -1
6mm diam split ring -1
end cap 8mm diam. -1
* couple of inches of metal wire (I used a 22 Gauge wire, but anything will do, just not too thin)

the 6 strands braid how-to / tutorial:

All I heard/read on other tutorials about this braid is a lot of over and under and switch sides.
I was so confused at the end... I couldn't follow any of them.
So I figured out on my own, and this is my version: I tried to simplify it by only using the "OVER" movement. In my opinion that is much easier.

Take your three leather cords and pass them through the bow shackle, and find the center part.

now you want to block your bow shackle and your cords in position
I placed the colors in repetition: pearl/red/turquoise-pearl/red/turquoise
(use some painter tape)

1* bring the pearl cord on the left
over the red one next to the right
2* bring the turquoise cord on the left side
over to the pearl one on the left
3* bring the red cord from the right
over to the turquoise one to the right
4* bring the turquoise cord on the right
over the pearl one 
5* bring the pearl cord (left side)
over to the turquoise (right side) 
keep repeating these 5 steps (it gets easier and faster)
until you reached the length desired: just keep in mind that
you are using a rather larger clasp
(I have small wrists, and from where the cords arre wrapped 

around the bow shackle
to the end of the braid is 6") 

 how to finish the braided bracelet:

Finish the bracelet in a quick and polished way, so that the braid will stay flat and lay neatly around the wrist.
Because the closure of this bracelet is a bow shackle, this is actually a good gift for a guy too!
(ok, maybe in a different color selection!)  

1* add a round of painter tape at the end of the braid and cut - leave 3/16" on the braid just to keep it in place.
2* use a toothpick and E6000 to seal in between the leather cords
3* place the end of the braid into the crimp e squeeze tight with you flat nose pliers (add a bit of tape on the pliers so won't damage the crimp)
4* add the splitring onto the crimp

make a tassel with leather cords (leftovers):

1* Use the Round Nose Pliers to make a large-ish loop on your wire
2* Place the leftover cords from the bracelet (2-1/2" long, 6 strands total, two in each color) into the loop
3* Twist the two parts of the loop  
4* Wrap the shorter part of the loop around, about 3/16" from the top
5* Make it REALLY TIGHT and pass the longer part trhrough
6* Pass the wire into the end cap and add few dots of E-6000 glue around the "head" of the tassel
7* Squeeze the head of the tassel into the end cap and make a loop with the pliers 
8* Connect the bow-shackle part onto the loop of the wire and wrap around - cut the excess wire
9* Trim the edge of the tassel for the perfect look!

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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