Saturday, March 23, 2013

DIY leather illusion knot cuff

this cuff looks like a knot, but it is not

The minute I saw the Hermès leather belt on an editorial on Fashion Gone Rogue I knew exactly what to do: I sat and start drawing on paper, cutting and trying until I found the right proportions to get the same shape around my wrist.

top pic: crop from fashion gone rogue - collage by moi


NOTE: If you're going to use thick leather of cuir, you won't need two layers.
In this case, I'm using scraps of leather that are pretty soft, and because this cuff needs some structure to stay in place, I'll use two layers glued together.

I'm saving you some time with a shortcut and all you have to do is print out the template... you're welcome.

print the template: every square is 1" - cut two on paper, then make the knot and try on your wrist
 cut the "legs" longer if needed

* scraps of leather
E-6000 glue
* craft stick
* 2 - 20 mm pinch crimp end
* 2 - 280 6mm jump rings
* template

The illusion knot cuff how-to/ tutorial

apply the glue generously on the wrong side of the leather

spread the glue with the craft stick leaving just a thin layer

place the second layer of leather (wrong sides in) onto the glued parts
(make sure to have the leather perfectly smooth,
without bubbles nor bumps)

draw the template on the wrong side of the leather

cut the shapes carefully

For tutorial purpose only (but I kind of like it this way as well) I'll use one part on the right side and one on the wrong side

this "illusion knot" is ready to be a bracelet in 10 seconds!

place the leather "legs" into the crimp end -
wrap the pliers with painter tape so you won't mark the crimp end
and squeeze tight

add a jumpring on one end,
and a jumpring connected to the clasp on the other end

Love it? Love it!!

xox, d.

keep in touch! 
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