Sunday, March 17, 2013

DIY e-cigarette holder

my mom is on her way to quit smoking!!!

After so many years and so many cigarettes, she received as a Christmas present the Ovale e-cigarette, and ... looks like it's working!

Only issue with the e-cigarette is that is a small little thing that can get in the middle of the couch cushions, roll off of a coffee table, and she was going nuts just to find it around the house when she was in need of her "e-fix".

This reminds me of Joan's pen necklace in Mad Men!!

So... a DIY came to the rescue! She picked red. I did the rest.

e-cigarette holder: supplies

* a small piece of scrap leather,
3mm Round Leather cord in red ( 1 meter)
Leather Machine Needle & Leather Hand Needle
heavy duty thread in matching color
Double Sided scrapbooking tape
Rotary Cutter
E-6000 glue

make an e-cigarette necklace / holder - the how-to // tutorial

Measure the circumference of the e-cigarette and draw a rectangular with rounded edges
width: [circumference /2 + 1/4"] and 3/4" longer than the e-cigarette
draw the patter twice on the wrong side of the leather

Cut the two pieces of leather: I used a Rotary Cutter to get the perfect straight cut
and scissors  for the rounded edges

Because pins would leave a hole in the leather,
I Used a strip of Double Sided tape on the wrong side
Peel the tape except for the extra top part 

Place the other piece of leather on top (wrong sides in) 

using a Leather Machine Needle, and heavy duty thread
I sew around, leaving 1/8" on the sides,
starting and ending at 1" from the top

Remove the double sided tape ... Forgot to take a picture, but basically pull the tape (and the holder will get inside out like a glove - then, get the leather holder right side in again (use a pencil to push the leather back in)

using a tooth-pick, I applied the E-6000 glue in the middle of the external seam 
and glued the leather cord,
with the two edges toward the bottom of the leather holder
The 1 meter leather cord is just enough to go around the holder and go over the head without the need of a clasp.

cut the leather cord to measure and glue the ends together

Let dry 
To finish it off, I hand sewn  all around a mattress stitch, which is decorative, and functional too, working like a cage around the leather cord.
Using a Leather Needle makes the hand sewing as easy as sewing through regular fabric, just be careful because the scalpel-like-tip is extremely painful in case it ends up on your finger!!!

She loves! and we all know that a happy mom is  ... priceless!

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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