Thursday, March 21, 2013

3 DIYs: braided cord bracelets

it's officially SPRING today, 

let's celebrate in DIY style!

Gather your leather cords, pick your favorite colors and get to work!

my inspiration board on Polyvore - I already made one of these... remember?

supplies vary from bracelet to bracelet, 
but all three of them were made using 
1 meter (+/- 3 ft) of 
(and I have few inches left!)

bracelet #1 : DIY Seraphina button bracelet


* 2 Silver Plated Barrel Cord Ends With Ring 10mm Long
* 1 - Silver Plated Curved Tube Bead 5mm x 30mm (I had my dad cut this bead in half with a metal blade)
* 2" of  metal wire 22 Gauge
* 1" of metal chain
* 1- 15mm metal button - silver (I had this in my stash of old buttons)
* 14" of braided leather cord
* E-6000 glue

The Seraphina Button bracelet how-to / tutorial:

Making this bracelet isn't difficult at all, just require a little time for the E6000 to be completely dry because you're going to glue metal parts - I glue them the night before and worked on the bracelet on the next morning.

Add the glue where the two metal tubes or cord ends will touch on the side:
use a tooth pick for precision

1* bend the wire at 2/3 of the length with some flat nose pliers at 90 degrees angle
2* bend the wire again at 90 degrees on the shorter side
3* insert on the longer part the two cord ends that have been glued together
4* bend the longer part at 90 degrees angle, mirroring the other side
5* bend it again as shown in pic.
6* slightly open the two bended sides to slip in the metal chain
7* bend back one of the sides, and cut the extra wire
8* bend the other side and cut
9* open the first link of the chain and link it to the base of the button.
(optional: add a drop of E6000 on the two top bars if you want to be extra careful of the chain not slipping out)

take the two curved beads which have been glued together and pass the
leather cord into one, leave a 1" loop and pass it into the next one,
make sure that the leather cord's ends are even

Add some E6000 glue into the cord ends 

and fit the leather cord into the cord ends
WAIT until dry - and I mean it! 
at least a good hour - even better if you have a 2 hours patience!

bracelet #2: DIY Bottega Veneta Krim intrecciato nappa bracelet

This is the easiest bracelet, but I love knots and couldn't resist.
You want the knot to be a little loose, not tight.
The bracelet doesn't have an opening, so while you'r tightening the knot, that will give the extra ease to pull the bracelet on and off.

All you need is 17" of braided leather cord and glue.

the Bottega Veneta Krim intrecciato bracelet how-to / tutorial:

un-braid about 3" of cord and cut: you'll need the flat strips later.

Make the square knot: just follow the pictures!

add a drop of E600 on the two ends near the knot

glue the two ends of the cord onto the bracelet

add a little glue of the flat strip that you have previously cut,
start at an angle where the leather cord ends and meet the bracelet,
and wrap the strip few times around

secure the strip with a dot of glue, and repeat on the other side

bracelet #3: the FFS Wrap bracelet with charm


Because I'm using a DoDo gold charm, (this one is somehow similar: Seahorse Charm Bead) I will be using all sterling silver findings:
*  I didn't have enough leather cord to make a wrap, so I cut to size for a single strand.
* 2-  4mm Round Leather Cord End Cap
* 1- Sterling Silver 7 mm Semi Hard Jump Ring - open -
* 1- Sterling Silver Jumpring Closed Ring 7mm
* 1 - 19mm sterling silver lobster clasp with swivel mine is large where it connects, but in case you might need another jumpring, or a clasp with open ring.
* red and coral emrboidery floss - DMC

the leather cord and charm bracelet how-to / tutorial:

1 * place the charm into the split ring (you might don't need it, in case your charm has a large enough ring) and slide it to the middle of the leather cord.
2 * to be able to work comfortable, I taped the cord onto a large jar - place some glue for 1/2" on the cord on each side of the charm
3 * use about 3 feet of embroidery floss, together - place the two ends onto the glue across the leather cord,
4 * start wrapping the two floss together, keeping the floss neatly one strand next to the previous wrap
5 * once you got to the other side, place few extra drops of glue and wrap back, secure the floss with glue and cut
6 * place the closed jumpring onto the cord end, and slip the other cord end into the ring of the clasp.

Add a drop of glue on each end of the leather cord, and close the cord ends around.
Wait until dry and....

Stack them up!

xox, d.

keep in touch! 
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