Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DIY MM6 leather knot

a "totally inspired" version and a variation 

This necklace is been in my "project-to-do" folder for a couple of years. Not because of difficulty, as you can see it's a 5 minute project, but the key is to find the right soft leather cord and the appropriate clasp.

left : - collage by moi

DIY knot necklace & bracelet : supplies

8mm leather cord round stitched nappa in the color of your choice
magnetic clasp inside diam. 8mm (1 for necklace, 1 for bracelet)
E-6000 glue
* scissors

the leather knot necklace and bracelet - how- to / tutorial

Cut the leather cord to size: I used white for the necklace, and I had just enough black cord left from my skinny belt  and decided to make the bracelet black... I can never have enough of black and white!

Necklace is 31" (79cm) long 

Bracelet is 14" (35.5 cm) long

place a couple of dots of glue into the clasp,
on both cord end sides
with the help of a toothpick, insert the cord inside the clasp
...and wait until dry - I suggest a couple of hours of patience.

Tie the regular "pretzel" knot in the middle of the cord. ... Done!

...Repeat for the bracelet.

You can wear the necklace as is or... 
snap the clasps together and make a color-block statement piece!

I really like these clasps, they look like maxi oval beads and the matte finish is perfection. 

when using jewelry with magnetic parts: be VERY careful NOT to put them on the same wrist with your watch or leave them on your computer hard drive.

xox, d.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

DIY leather illusion knot cuff

this cuff looks like a knot, but it is not

The minute I saw the Hermès leather belt on an editorial on Fashion Gone Rogue I knew exactly what to do: I sat and start drawing on paper, cutting and trying until I found the right proportions to get the same shape around my wrist.

top pic: crop from fashion gone rogue - collage by moi


NOTE: If you're going to use thick leather of cuir, you won't need two layers.
In this case, I'm using scraps of leather that are pretty soft, and because this cuff needs some structure to stay in place, I'll use two layers glued together.

I'm saving you some time with a shortcut and all you have to do is print out the template... you're welcome.

print the template: every square is 1" - cut two on paper, then make the knot and try on your wrist
 cut the "legs" longer if needed

* scraps of leather
E-6000 glue
* craft stick
* 2 - 20 mm pinch crimp end
* 2 - 280 6mm jump rings
* template

The illusion knot cuff how-to/ tutorial

apply the glue generously on the wrong side of the leather

spread the glue with the craft stick leaving just a thin layer

place the second layer of leather (wrong sides in) onto the glued parts
(make sure to have the leather perfectly smooth,
without bubbles nor bumps)

draw the template on the wrong side of the leather

cut the shapes carefully

For tutorial purpose only (but I kind of like it this way as well) I'll use one part on the right side and one on the wrong side

this "illusion knot" is ready to be a bracelet in 10 seconds!

place the leather "legs" into the crimp end -
wrap the pliers with painter tape so you won't mark the crimp end
and squeeze tight

add a jumpring on one end,
and a jumpring connected to the clasp on the other end

Love it? Love it!!

xox, d.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

3 DIYs: braided cord bracelets

it's officially SPRING today, 

let's celebrate in DIY style!

Gather your leather cords, pick your favorite colors and get to work!

my inspiration board on Polyvore - I already made one of these... remember?

supplies vary from bracelet to bracelet, 
but all three of them were made using 
1 meter (+/- 3 ft) of 
(and I have few inches left!)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY nautical leather cords bracelet

a truly nautical bracelet
using a bow shackle as a clasp

Because we are craving spring and colors and lazy days on the beach!


1.5 mm round leather cords - 1 meter each in three different colors
* 3/8" bow-shackle -1
* crimp ribbon pinch 10 mm -1
6mm diam split ring -1
end cap 8mm diam. -1
* couple of inches of metal wire (I used a 22 Gauge wire, but anything will do, just not too thin)

the 6 strands braid how-to / tutorial:

All I heard/read on other tutorials about this braid is a lot of over and under and switch sides.
I was so confused at the end... I couldn't follow any of them.
So I figured out on my own, and this is my version: I tried to simplify it by only using the "OVER" movement. In my opinion that is much easier.

Take your three leather cords and pass them through the bow shackle, and find the center part.

now you want to block your bow shackle and your cords in position
I placed the colors in repetition: pearl/red/turquoise-pearl/red/turquoise
(use some painter tape)

1* bring the pearl cord on the left
over the red one next to the right
2* bring the turquoise cord on the left side
over to the pearl one on the left
3* bring the red cord from the right
over to the turquoise one to the right
4* bring the turquoise cord on the right
over the pearl one 
5* bring the pearl cord (left side)
over to the turquoise (right side) 
keep repeating these 5 steps (it gets easier and faster)
until you reached the length desired: just keep in mind that
you are using a rather larger clasp
(I have small wrists, and from where the cords arre wrapped 

around the bow shackle
to the end of the braid is 6") 

 how to finish the braided bracelet:

Finish the bracelet in a quick and polished way, so that the braid will stay flat and lay neatly around the wrist.
Because the closure of this bracelet is a bow shackle, this is actually a good gift for a guy too!
(ok, maybe in a different color selection!)  

1* add a round of painter tape at the end of the braid and cut - leave 3/16" on the braid just to keep it in place.
2* use a toothpick and E6000 to seal in between the leather cords
3* place the end of the braid into the crimp e squeeze tight with you flat nose pliers (add a bit of tape on the pliers so won't damage the crimp)
4* add the splitring onto the crimp

make a tassel with leather cords (leftovers):

1* Use the Round Nose Pliers to make a large-ish loop on your wire
2* Place the leftover cords from the bracelet (2-1/2" long, 6 strands total, two in each color) into the loop
3* Twist the two parts of the loop  
4* Wrap the shorter part of the loop around, about 3/16" from the top
5* Make it REALLY TIGHT and pass the longer part trhrough
6* Pass the wire into the end cap and add few dots of E-6000 glue around the "head" of the tassel
7* Squeeze the head of the tassel into the end cap and make a loop with the pliers 
8* Connect the bow-shackle part onto the loop of the wire and wrap around - cut the excess wire
9* Trim the edge of the tassel for the perfect look!

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY skinny bow belt

skinny belts are a must have... well, a must DIY 

...and since you're there ... put a bow on it!

The company Plessmann.endlessleather contacted me if I wanted to try some of their products for my DIY projects and after browsing on their website I would have liked to receive every-single-one-of-their-items.

Few days later (extremely fast delivery!!) I received a box of goodies: today I'm using one of their products, but I have more to come! 

I decided to use the black round stitched 8 mm nappa to make one of the spring must haves: 

the skinny bow belt. 

Best part? I took me about 20 minutes from beginning to end!
This leather cord is extremely soft and easy to handle.
Inspired by... all the skinny bow belts out there!

the skinny bow belt: supplies

These are the tools I used:
leather punch
wire cutter
flat nose pliers
* scissors

The bill of materials:
* black round stitched 8 mm nappa - 2 meters 
(price is € 8.15/ meter and for bigger quantities the price goes down sensibly, to have access to their pricing be sure to register on their site!)
Gutermann Top Stitch Heavy Duty Thread 33 Yds: Black
* 1 - 1/2" metal buckle
* 1 - crimp ribbon pinch 10 mm
* 2 - end caps 8 mm diam.
E-6000 glue
hand leather needle

the skinny bow belt: how-to / tutorial

Cut the black round cord in three pieces:
The short one to make a ring: 3-1/2" long
The medium one to make a bow: 27" long
The rest will be used for the belt (you might need to cut it a bit shorter if it is extra long)

Make a bow in one minute!

Prepare your parts: 

Use the short 3-1/2" long piece of leather cord:
pull out and cut all the inner cotton part,
wrap it around in a circle and sew the edges together

Use the medium 27" long piece of leather cord: 
pull out 1/4" of the inner cotton part, on both ends,
use few drops of E6000 glue around the edge and 
use a toothpick to slip the ends into the end caps.
and let dry...
(the end cups outside diameter is 8mm - which is exactly like the diameter of the leather cord - while the inner diameter is 7mm so you need to remove the inner part to make it less bulky to be able to slip into the end cups)

Note: I liked the bow of the Burberry belt (first picture on the top left on my inspiration board) - you can make this bow smaller - just using less cord.
Now you have your pieces ready to make the bow... it will only take few seconds!

It's only a matter of twisting the leather cord into the loop... done in 4 moves!

Make the base skinny belt:

Wrap the longest piece of cord around your waist, (if you're planning to use the belt over your denim, measure it inside the belt loops, so you'll have the exact size), keep about  6" to 7" extra leather and trim the excess.

To remove the bulk of the leather cord,
pull the cotton inner part for 2" 

Cut the inner part

The leather cord will look like this
(compared to the other end)
Punch 3 overlapping holes at 1" from the edge 

apply with a toothpick some E-6000 glue
around the edges of the hole and let dry

Slip the leather cord through the 1/2" metal buckle
and place the pin of the buckle into the hole

bend the leather cord
and sew few stitches to block in place

on the other end of the leather cord,
pull about 4" of the inner cotton filler and cut it
Use the wire cutter to remove the ring on the
crimp ribbon pinch 10 mm

and squeeze tight with the flat nose pliers 

Use the  leather punch and punch the first whole at 3-1/2" from the edge,
and two more holes at 1" distance.

Now slip the skinny belt into the bow, flip the buckle on the back and you can take any outfit up a notch! 
Beside.... You can use the bow on any other skinny belt also in different colors, just to add a little pop!

xox, d.

keep in touch! 
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