Sunday, February 3, 2013

it all happened in one week

Not all weeks are created equal.

This past week was a bit frustrating (not completely, fortunately): here why the lack of posting..

And you probably already read about it on my Facebook page.

Let's start with the good knit-news:

I made a sweater in two nights: hereby called the "two chick-flick movies". And because it was so fast to knit, I made an infinity scarf to go with it (and I needed a good excuse to watch another chick-flick!)

I will not waste your time with a tutorial because it's really not worth it:
Simple stockinette and a boat neck, worked with 11mm needles and a medium weight bouclé yarn: the result is a very light-weight, feather-feel sweater, and because of the variegated color of the yarn it has a camouflage / Missoni effect that really like.

The inspiration comes from this pic (which is very see-through, therefore I'm not going to post here!!).
And I'm going to wear it with a tank top underneath!

Prior to this... the knit-frustration part:

I wanted to knit a big, oversize, heavy turtle neck sweater with extra long sleeves with holes on the sides that could work almost as fingerless gloves. ... Just like the picture on the left, but I wanted it black.
Once the back and front were done, I realized that I didn't have enough yarn to knit the sleeves in seed stitch and to make them extra long. So I did the wrists in seed stitch and proceed in stockinette and kept a regular length. And no holes.
...And of course not enough yarn for the big, slouchy turtle neck.
Actually, I didn't have enough yarn not even for the seams... So I ended up using a grey mélange yarn and cross stitched the seams.
I will probably un-ravel the whole thing. But not immediately, first I have to chill!
(I bought the yarn few years back so I checked but there was nothing even similar, it's just "out of production").

left picture: shop worth while - collage by moi

Last, but not least... the Antropologie refashion attempt gone bad

Actually it wasn't "gone bad". It just didn't happen.

My mom has this cream sweater that wanted to update, and it's a bit too short.
I made a large amount of crocheted rondelles and mini-doilies, and the idea was to join all of these in a lace-like fabric, and use them to make the sweater longer, and prettier.
After all the pinning, trials, and yada yada yada.... nope. It's not going to happen.

right bottom pic: Anthropologie from a couple of seasons back - collage by moi

... hopefully next week will be better!!

xox, d.


  1. As I commented on your FaceBook page, I can't believe how much work went into these three projects! Every time I have to unravel a sweater that went wrong for various reasons I'm always a bit sad! I hope you do a tutorial for the infinity scarf for beginners - just number of stitches, length etc...

  2. WOW...I cant knit and I really admire people who can and the sweater looks beautiful

  3. Ho letto sulla tua pagina facebook delle alte aspettative di tua madre :)
    Secondo me sarebbe venuto bellissimo il maglione Anthropologie! :D
    Anch'io ho fatto dei maglioni ultimamente (più lentamente di te ovviamente) e ho provato il punto a nido d'ape e devo dire che è molto bello!

    1. Alessia, lo posterai sul tuo blog? :) ho imparato a lavorare a maglia da piccolina e per me viene istintivo quasi come respirare, vado come una scheggia!!! :)

  4. Awwwww. I can't believe you have DIY flops!

    You can submit it to Craft Fail. :)

  5. I don't kn0w why you consider that cream sweater a failure. You may not have been able to lengthen it but it came out beautifully regardless. Still a successful update.


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