Sunday, February 24, 2013

DIY Rodarte metal motif sweater

Obsessed since I fist saw it with Rodarte's summer knit.

This sweater should have been called : "ODE TO REPETITIONS".

I made mine using Merino wool, and revamping a black cropped sweater.

left: moda operandi - collage by moi

left: collage by moi

Making the squares: photo pattern

To be exact.... 48 of them (Original sweater has 40, but I had to adjust with an extra row front and back because of the width of my black sweater)

You will need: 150 gr. of wool - and  size 5.5 mm (9 US) double pointed needles
(don't be intimidated by the DPN - 
This was my first time using them, and it's really not that bad. 
Although, at some point you wish you could be an octopus)

if you have no idea how to make it... here's a video tutorial:

weave in the ends 

Weave in the ends to make your square looks seamless... all 96 tails of them.

outer tail:
1* Use a wool needle, and wrap the yarn of the last stitch around the chain of the first stitch of the row
2* Then pass the yarn inside the last stitch
3* Pul just enough, you'll see just like another stitch that fills the gap
4* Weave in the end

inner tail:
5* The inside part of the square is round and the two parts where the DPN meets in the first row are slightly more apart than the rest of the stitches.
6* Weave the yarn around the two stitches (first stitch of the row and last one)
7* Weave the yarn back into the same stitches
8* Weave in the end diagonally
9* Cut the ends

then: blocking - remember: a hot steam iron is the the knitter's best friend.

connecting the squares:

To connect all these squares, I used 612 (sixhundredandtwelve) jumprings... you're going to be so sick of this sweater once you're done, I promise you! (but this feeling didn't last, because once I put it on... I really want to keep it on for one month in a row!)

two sets of pliers

there are 3 sets of jumprings that connect vertically, and one set that connect horizontally (inus the top and bottom squares that are connected also at the edges)

Open the 7mm jumpring sideways, slip it into the first stitch in the corner, then place a 4 mm jumpring in it and close it.
Repeat on the same side of the square on the 6th stitch and on the other corner.

Then connect the next square with 7 mm jumprings.
Continue until you've reached the 6 columns x 4 rows that will make the center of the sweater.

I separated the middle part of my cropped black sweater one stitch at the time (just 1/2" under the armholes and the waistband) so I would have a perfect straight line.
To finish the edges, I used the smallest crochet needle in my stash and crocheted in every stitch a single crochet. (because it's black, and because it's a thins sweater, did it all under my magnify lamp)

Now, once all the squares are connected in two panels of 6x4, it's time to connect them onto the sweater.
I used a  white mark-B-Gone marker to mark where the jumprings would have to be placed, and went all around on top and bottom of the squares.

Last, I connected the two sides with the jumprings... And it's finally finished!

and this is the "fast forward" .gif version :)

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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