Sunday, January 20, 2013

Do-Inspire-Yourself #23

pantone for a colorful lifestyle

As discussed at length on my Facebook page, I will be probably be completely out of fashion during the whole 2013, since I look terrible in 2013 color of the year PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald.
It is a beautiful color, but doesn't do for me.

But I love the "everything pantone trend": I could see myself surrounded with plenty of everyday things in pantone-style.

it's not too late to get yourself a splash of color with the 2013 pantone wall calendar

pantone chips: lucky if you have them 

for the love of writing: 

love the chip-covered journal, could be a simple DIY project
...ore use a chip to close a regular envelope

More tutorials and inspiration:

have a sweet tooth? make it a sweet-stylish tooth!

or mini-cakes @ cakes decor

a coffee table book or coloring books for the little ones: growing up in style

and small little items into your purse for everyday color (and small gift ideas)

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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