Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DIY rope imprinted ring and cufflinks

a search for rope jewelry always lands to

...where I found find these gorgeous Laurel "rope imprinted" earrings.
(and being orange my "happy color" ... it was an easy decision!)

top photo: Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer - collage by moi

I don't wear "button style" earrings, but loved the idea... therefore:

my version would be a pair of cufflinks and a ring.

rope imprinted earrings - cufflinks - ring: supplies:

*  cufflinks base in your preferred style:  this "fix" style or  this style with post
*  a ring base (Pack of 12 Ring Bases Jewelry Making Supply Supplies Components Findings with Pad, Silver Tone)
polymer clay - orange (or your favorite color)
* a piece of thick rope

as a cookie cutter, I used a part of plumbing supply, 3/4" diam. (it's the inner part of a valve, but anything round can go, even better if it's a bit taller, so you have a better grip when need to take it up after cutting the clay)

(in case you want to make earrings: 8mm Surgical Steel Flat Glue On Earring Posts 50pcs)

for the finishing touches: 

X-ACTO Knife
* thin sandpaper
* clear paint or nail polish

rope imprinted cufflinks and ring: the tutorial/ how-to:

I prepared these parts onto the tile that will go into the oven.

condition the clay and roll it into a 3" long 1" diam "sausage"

flatten the  roll out to 1/4" thick  using an empty jar or a polymer clay designated rolling pin

imprint diagonally the rope into the clay

imprint the rope three times leaving approximately 1" in between 

cut the clay with the round shape, leaving the imprinted part onto one of the sides of the circles

Repeat the operation onto the three imprinted ropes

remove the extra clay, and the pieces are ready to be baked
After baking, the round pieces will be ready to be cleaned with the x-acto knife from the parts that were sticking onto the tile 

file the sides and the bottom with some fine sandpapaer

glue the parts onto the cufflinks and ring bases

once the glue is dry, apply some clear paint or nail polish and wait until dry

xox, d.

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