Sunday, January 6, 2013

DIY a real charmer pt.2

the pearl charm bracelet I made as a christmas gift 

was such a success that... 

she asked for another one!

This time, the color choice was (once again) on the blue hues.
top photo: Lenora Dame - collage by moi
The construction of beaded charms is fully explained in the multi-tutorial post here.

Here all the charms ready to be "hooked" on the bracelet: 

these bracelets are perfect to use up all your leftover beads: in fact I mostly used beads that I had only one or two from my stash.

* all the supplies:

I used a gold plated bracelet that I had, but it's just a chain with a clasp..

* chain - 6 to 8" I like this one (Bulk Jewelry Chain By the Foot: 18 Karat Gold Plated 5x7mm Soldered Oval Cable Chain: 1 Yard (3 Feet) because of the soldered links, (with so many charms the bracelet becomes a bit heavy)* a large lobster clasp (perfect match with the chain and if you use a small one the bracelet will look cheap... just saying) (Beautiful Gold Plated Curved Lobster Clasps 15mm (10)

* gold wire 24 gauge (24 Gauge Gold Color 30 Yard Tarnish Resistant Craft Wire)
* MANY head pins: for the small pearls I used these, (100 Pcs Gold Plated 1" Ball Head Pins 66302GP)   and for the bigger beads and pearls I used these with the flat head and a bit longer (22K Gold Plated Head Pins - 24 Gauge/1.5 Inches (X50) 
* 4 mm jump rings (4mm 21 Gauge Open Jump Rings 22K Gold Plated (100)  and 7,5mm jump rings (Beadalon Jump Ring 6 by 7-1/2mm Gold Plated, 25-Piece)  (these are nice and sturdy)

* filigree bead caps (similar: Blue Moon Frosting Metal Bead Caps, 120/Pkg, Gold)
* spacers & filigree beads (similar: Darice(R) Big Value! Cast Spacer Beads - 40PK/Gold)

I used several bicone Swarovski 5mm beads (leftover from these "previously seen" bracelets) - I love to buy assorted items because you don't always need a tons of beads of the same color, and these assorted lots are normally a good deal.
Wholesale Lot 200 Bicone 5mm Swarovski 5328 Crystal Beads 10 Colors #3

xox, d.

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