Sunday, January 27, 2013

DIY plaid - inspired by Burberry Brit

today's DIY is an interpretation on a Burberry Brit sweater 

that is on my "to-do-projects" for a couple of season.

I gave a look back at old folder saved on my computer and decided that it was about time to give it a try.

left pic:   - collage by moi

The Burberry Brit sweater in the picture is studded, and I actually considered the iron-on studs.
But then I thought that in case I would get sick of studs (it might or might not happen) I would be "stuck" (pun intended)... 
So... I decided to go "old fashion" with the basic of all embroidery techniques: CROSS STITCH.

Burberry Brit inspired cross stitch sweater: the supplies

* a plain sweater (possibly not black or navy or you'll be blind by the end)
* a ruler
* a water soluble marker (Dritz(R) Marking Pen w/ Water Soluble Ink - Blue)
* thin metallic thread - used in 4 strands (Hemingworth 700m Metallic Thread Silver 9012)

Burberry Brit inspired cross stitch sweater: the how-to / tutorial

*print out a picture of the sweater, this will serve you as a guideline.
* start by drawing the first three vertical lines 1/4" apart - I started from the ones closed to the center
* patiently: start the vertical cross stitch on each line, making sure that the line is also following the knit on the sweater

It's easier to obtain the plaid look without too many mistakes, by cross stitching in small sections.
After the first three vertical lines, I drew the horizontal lines, counting the "x" on the cross stitch, so that my horizontal lines would meet in the right plaid pattern.
Then proceeded to cross stitched in small areas, and keep expanding the pattern in small parts.

The whole process took me 3 1-1/2 hours sessions, so 4-1/2 hours total of work.
... Love the result of the cross-stitch for many reasons:
* in case I will want to go back to "plain" stage, a seam ripper will do in no time
* the cross stitch doesn't add any weight to the sweater, 
while the studs would make the front much heavier
* the cross stitch pattern won't get any "missing pieces" while washing.

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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