Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DIY love knots cowl

a cowl so pretty I'm tempted to make it in every color!

To make this scarf/cowl , I experimented with my spool knitter (Caron Embellish-Knit! Machine Kit) - again.

This time I made an icord out of a very thin mohair yarn, and the yarn obtained with the spool knitter is bulky and extremely soft.

I crocheted the scarf with a 9mm crochet hook: the cowl weight 110 grams: very light, but warm, with a lace feel... lovely!

I pinned this video tutorial over the summer, and tried this stitch with different yarn.
This stitch is very pretty, but in my opinion looks good only with bulky yarn.

Because I wanted a cowl, at the end I stitched the two sides to make the tube.
All around the making of the scarf is really fast... the spool knitting... not really (about 6 hours... really!!)

xox, d.


  1. WOW! That is gorgeous!
    I could never stay sane doing it for 6 hours!!

  2. Fantastic! You've successfully made a beautiful scarf. I like that scarf and thanks for the video inspiration. Will try to make similar type of scarf by my own!
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  3. Love, love loveeee it!!
    I just wanted to wish you a Happy 2013!!
    Hope you'll keep on sharing your clever ideas :)

    Best wishes and take care
    DIY & unique pieces

  4. Wao, really look good!!

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks for this wonderful idea. I bought the wyr knitter version of embellished knit. It's for wire but I guess I can also use this for yarns. Thanks!


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