Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY knot "rowan" bracelet

yes, another bracelet.
yes, once again, inspired by orly genger by jaclyn mayer

I have so many items in my inspiration folder on my computer with ropes and knots it's insane.

left pic: asos - collage by moi

...and I have so many rope & knots projects made is even more insane. 
But this trend is not yet out of my system.

I made these two and I'm quite pleased with the pop of color that they'll give to my mostly black and dark grey outfits. 
Easy and inexpensive to make, you'll want to make one in each color, I can assure you!

knot bracelet - supplies

* thick 1/2" utility rope in your favorite colors - 8"
* polymer clay orange (leftover from the cufflinks and ring) and blue (leftover from the sweatshirt with the faceted gems)
* large lobster clasp (Clasps Lobster Swivel 1 1/2" Silver Plated 5pc)
* 2 end caps (100 Cord Tips/caps, Silver-plated Brass, 8x8mm Outside Diameter with 7mm Inside Diameter. Sold Per Pkg of 100.)
* 1 soldered closed 7 mm jumpring (Soldered Closed 100 Jump Rings, Silver-plated, 7mm Round, 18 Gauge 5mm Inside Jewelry Connectors Chain Links Sold Per Pkg of 100)
* wire - to connect the end caps to the clasp and jumpring - (Craft Wire Silver Plated Tarnish Resistant 22 Gauge 20 Yard)
E-6000 glue
* pliers & scissors
* a lighter

knot bracelet the how-to / tutorial:

roll the clay into a 3/8" diam. 8-1/2" long cylinder 

before tying the knot, I left the clay out in the cold for 10 minutes, it makes it easier to tie the clay without ruin the shape

make sure that there is enough space in between the knot for the rope to pass by the loop

place the knot onto the tile where the polymer clay will be baking - I used some craft sticks to preventing it to collapse

Once baked,  sand and give it a good shiny spray paint coat, making sure to cover all the surfaces

wait until dry, and pass the rope into the loop
Meanwhile, prepare the end caps: make a tight loop on one end of the wire (so it won't pass through the whole of the end cap) and connect it with the clasp and the other one with the jumpring

burn the edge of the rope, add some E6000 glue and slip the rope onto one of  the end caps 

Measure on your wrist, cut to size, burn the other side of the rope and slip it into the other end cap  

Wait untile the glue is completely dry and wear your new statement bracelets :)

Wait... check also 
... pick your colors and make some!

xox, d.

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