Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY Isabel Marant tassels earrings

lightweight, colorful and with silk tassels... 
DIY your Isabel Marant earrings!

These earring where calling my DIY name, 
 I made them using my favorite spring/summer colors

left: Isabel Marant tassels Earrings on polyvore - collage by moi

--> DIY tassels earrings: supplies

Note: I used all sterling silver components because silver is the one metal that doesn't give me allergies. The original Isabel Marant earrings are actually brass which is a  much, much cheaper metal.

* 2 sterling silver earring hooks (Sterling Silver Ear Wire French Hook Earwires Coil Ball)
* 2 sterling silver cord ends (Sterling Silver Bright 4mm Round Leather Cord End Cap)
* sterling silver wire 24 Gauge half hard (Sterling Silver Wire 24 Gauge Round Half Hard (Qty=5 Feet))
* 2x 3 links of chain (or connect 3 jumprings)
* round nose pliers (Artistic Wire Round Nose Pliers)
* scissors
* 4 small beads - 2 larger beads
* a small piece of light silk (the size of a tissue) (I used the last small piece of silk used for this bracelet)
* not pictured: matching thread and E-6000 glue

making the silk tassel : tutorial

1* make a little cut with the scissors, to be able to rip apart a strip of 1" width 
2* rip apart 7 strips of 1" width silk (5 would have been enough) and 2 strips 5/8" width
3* cut the wider strips at 3-1/2" length - use the thin strips and 5 1" x 3-1/2" for each tassel\
4* place the strips slightly overlapped onto the thin strip of silk
5* tie a double knot (without pulling the central strip too much)
6* dip in water and squeeze in your hand to obtain the messy look of the tassel
7* use a matching thread and wrap few times around the top to create the tassel
8* cut the bottom part to make it even and rub it with your fingers to fray the edges
9* cut the ties at 1/2" from the knot

connect the beads to the earrings hooks

1* thread the beads into the wire
2* connect the three chain links into the loop
3* wrap the loop around and cut the excess wire

1* open the earring hooks pulling the wire to the side (or afterwards won't close as well)
2* connect the chain links to the earring hook and close it 
3* connect the other side of the wire to the cord end
4* wrap the loop around and cut the excess wire

connect the silk tassels to the earrings

1* open the cord end and place a drop of E-6000 onto the silk tassel ties
2* place the ties inside the cord end and use the pliers to close firmly one side of the cord end
3* close the other part of the cord end and let the glue dry completely

and from few years back ... the feathers version: check

xox, d.

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  1. Very well done! Love that blue colour of your fabric.
    xo, lici

  2. Yours look great! Can't even tell the difference.

  3. As always Donatella - your version looks every bit as good, if not better than the original! Great work! gorgeous earrings.

  4. Veramente molto carini e facili da realizzare! Brava Donatella!
    (I tuoi mi piacciono di più!) ;-)


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