Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY Ermanno Scervino inspired cardigan

I wanted to make a heavy, extra warm cardigan.

 Loved this one from Ermanno Scervino, and giving a close look at the photos, looks like the yarn used for this sweater was pretty much the same size of the wool-alpaca blend I got at my yarn store.

left picture: stylebop - collge by moi

The work of this cardigan is extremely simple, and goes really fast.
It's all garter stitch, with 1:1 ribbing on waistband, wrists and pockets.
It has two on the inside pockets and a shawl collar.
(If it wasn't for the fact that I had to un-ravel the whole back and the two parts of the front because I made it too big.... this is a 3 - 4 evenings projects)

cardigan: the diagram pattern 

I used needles size 8 mm, and worked the whole cardigan in garter stitch with 1:1 ribbing on wrists, waistband and pockets.
This is extremely heavy and warm: the finished cardigan took me a whole  16 balls of yarn (100 gr. each).

10 stitches x 10 rows garter stitch = 4-1/4" x 2-1/4"

every square = 1 st  x 2 rows
"X" sign = marks where the increases stitches are made

Work the second half of the front mirroring the diagram.


--> notes:

* the waistband on the front is knitted on 1:1 ribs except for the 7 stitches in the center (that would be the overlap of the cardigan), which are knitted in garter stitch.

* I joined the shoulders with the three needles method, and so the two parts of the collar.
The collar will have the join in the middle of the back.

* I crocheted around the opening one row of single crochet stitch, to give the finish edge a smooth finish.

the pockets on the inside:

1* cast on 2 x 15 stitches and work on stockinette for 22 rows (I did stockinette because it's less bulky than the garter stitch)
2* knit the front side of the cardigan up to the point you want the pocket opening (14 rows after ribbing)
3* knit  6 put on hold 15 stitches  
4* take the previously knitted pocket and knit the 15 stitches, then knit the rest of the stitches
5* keep knitting regularly until the end of the front.
6* cast on 15 stitches and work on 1:1 rib for 6 rows
7* the front of the cardigan will have the 15 stitches of the pocket on hold
8* place the stitches on hold onto a needle
9* bind off using the three needles technique the 15 stitches of the opening of the pocket.

Now sew the stockinette part of the pockets onto the inside, and the sides of the ribbing.
Weave in the ends and the pocket is ready.

the toggle buttons how-to / tutorial:

first, I cut 10 leather triangles 1-3/8" 45 degrees angles 

1* crochet 10 "cords" of 17 chain stitch
2* pull the chain stitch cords into the wood toggles (Dill Buttons 32mm 2 Hole Wood Brown 2 pc (6 Pack))
3* get the cord through the cardigan stitches - the toggle should hit just before the edge of the cardigan
4* secure the tails of the chain stitch cord onto the wrong side of the cardigan and weave in and cut the ends

- repeat these operation on both side of the cardigan, counting the stitches to make sure the toggles are all even spaced and symmetrical. -

5* for the side without the wood toggle button, the chain stitch cord need to be secured so that the toggle button won't get loose: thread the needle with some yarn, pull it though a couple of stitches in the middle of the loop
6* wrap the yarn 4 or 5 times around the loop
7* and then secured it onto the wrong side of the loop, weave in and cut the ends
8* this is how the toggle looks once closed
9* final touch: use the leather triangle and place it on top of the chain stitch cord base facing the center of the cardigan. Highly recommended the use of a leather needle: [Dritz(R) Glovers/Leather Hand Needles-Size 3/7 3/Pkg] to sew with a thick thread around the perimeter of the triangle. I left about 1/8" edge.

xox, d.

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