Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY Isabel Marant tassels earrings

lightweight, colorful and with silk tassels... 
DIY your Isabel Marant earrings!

These earring where calling my DIY name, 
 I made them using my favorite spring/summer colors

left: Isabel Marant tassels Earrings on polyvore - collage by moi

--> DIY tassels earrings: supplies

Note: I used all sterling silver components because silver is the one metal that doesn't give me allergies. The original Isabel Marant earrings are actually brass which is a  much, much cheaper metal.

* 2 sterling silver earring hooks (Sterling Silver Ear Wire French Hook Earwires Coil Ball)
* 2 sterling silver cord ends (Sterling Silver Bright 4mm Round Leather Cord End Cap)
* sterling silver wire 24 Gauge half hard (Sterling Silver Wire 24 Gauge Round Half Hard (Qty=5 Feet))
* 2x 3 links of chain (or connect 3 jumprings)
* round nose pliers (Artistic Wire Round Nose Pliers)
* scissors
* 4 small beads - 2 larger beads
* a small piece of light silk (the size of a tissue) (I used the last small piece of silk used for this bracelet)
* not pictured: matching thread and E-6000 glue

making the silk tassel : tutorial

1* make a little cut with the scissors, to be able to rip apart a strip of 1" width 
2* rip apart 7 strips of 1" width silk (5 would have been enough) and 2 strips 5/8" width
3* cut the wider strips at 3-1/2" length - use the thin strips and 5 1" x 3-1/2" for each tassel\
4* place the strips slightly overlapped onto the thin strip of silk
5* tie a double knot (without pulling the central strip too much)
6* dip in water and squeeze in your hand to obtain the messy look of the tassel
7* use a matching thread and wrap few times around the top to create the tassel
8* cut the bottom part to make it even and rub it with your fingers to fray the edges
9* cut the ties at 1/2" from the knot

connect the beads to the earrings hooks

1* thread the beads into the wire
2* connect the three chain links into the loop
3* wrap the loop around and cut the excess wire

1* open the earring hooks pulling the wire to the side (or afterwards won't close as well)
2* connect the chain links to the earring hook and close it 
3* connect the other side of the wire to the cord end
4* wrap the loop around and cut the excess wire

connect the silk tassels to the earrings

1* open the cord end and place a drop of E-6000 onto the silk tassel ties
2* place the ties inside the cord end and use the pliers to close firmly one side of the cord end
3* close the other part of the cord end and let the glue dry completely

and from few years back ... the feathers version: check

xox, d.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

DIY plaid - inspired by Burberry Brit

today's DIY is an interpretation on a Burberry Brit sweater 

that is on my "to-do-projects" for a couple of season.

I gave a look back at old folder saved on my computer and decided that it was about time to give it a try.

left pic:   - collage by moi

The Burberry Brit sweater in the picture is studded, and I actually considered the iron-on studs.
But then I thought that in case I would get sick of studs (it might or might not happen) I would be "stuck" (pun intended)... 
So... I decided to go "old fashion" with the basic of all embroidery techniques: CROSS STITCH.

Burberry Brit inspired cross stitch sweater: the supplies

* a plain sweater (possibly not black or navy or you'll be blind by the end)
* a ruler
* a water soluble marker (Dritz(R) Marking Pen w/ Water Soluble Ink - Blue)
* thin metallic thread - used in 4 strands (Hemingworth 700m Metallic Thread Silver 9012)

Burberry Brit inspired cross stitch sweater: the how-to / tutorial

*print out a picture of the sweater, this will serve you as a guideline.
* start by drawing the first three vertical lines 1/4" apart - I started from the ones closed to the center
* patiently: start the vertical cross stitch on each line, making sure that the line is also following the knit on the sweater

It's easier to obtain the plaid look without too many mistakes, by cross stitching in small sections.
After the first three vertical lines, I drew the horizontal lines, counting the "x" on the cross stitch, so that my horizontal lines would meet in the right plaid pattern.
Then proceeded to cross stitched in small areas, and keep expanding the pattern in small parts.

The whole process took me 3 1-1/2 hours sessions, so 4-1/2 hours total of work.
... Love the result of the cross-stitch for many reasons:
* in case I will want to go back to "plain" stage, a seam ripper will do in no time
* the cross stitch doesn't add any weight to the sweater, 
while the studs would make the front much heavier
* the cross stitch pattern won't get any "missing pieces" while washing.

xox, d.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Do-Inspire-Yourself #23

pantone for a colorful lifestyle

As discussed at length on my Facebook page, I will be probably be completely out of fashion during the whole 2013, since I look terrible in 2013 color of the year PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald.
It is a beautiful color, but doesn't do for me.

But I love the "everything pantone trend": I could see myself surrounded with plenty of everyday things in pantone-style.

it's not too late to get yourself a splash of color with the 2013 pantone wall calendar

pantone chips: lucky if you have them 

for the love of writing: 

love the chip-covered journal, could be a simple DIY project
...ore use a chip to close a regular envelope

More tutorials and inspiration:

have a sweet tooth? make it a sweet-stylish tooth!

or mini-cakes @ cakes decor

a coffee table book or coloring books for the little ones: growing up in style

and small little items into your purse for everyday color (and small gift ideas)

xox, d.

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