Thursday, December 13, 2012

organization: StickyGram magnets

what's in my drawers?

now I know, thanks to StickyGram 

When Chara from Stickygram contacted me if I wanted to try their service which turns your instagram photos into magnets I immediately wrote her back with a big, capital YES!

note the paper plane on the envelope? and I took a picture of a paper plane, too!! 

(BTW: I am picky, I don't say always yes, and who knows me in real life knows that!)

So here's my idea: rather than use old instagram photos, I decided to snap dedicated pictures with the content of my Ikea 6 metal drawers cabinet, so that by looking at the pictures, I wouldn't have to open all of them to find what I need.
The initial idea was to put the magnet next to the handle, but then when I got the magnets I found out that they are the perfect size to fit into the little slot that is supposed to fit the tag! {I've always been a lucky person :)!! }

What if the tiny tags that go on the metal cabinet aren't big enough to write all the content?
... You open every drawer until you find what you need. 
Rather than using the written tags, put a picture StickyGram on it!
(A picture is worth a thousand words, remember?) 

I was positively surprised by the good quality and sharpness of the magnets. 

from my Instagram... here my Stckygram magnets in action:

Do you want to know what's in my drawers?

* ball pens, calligraphy pens, red pens, pencils, eraser and pencil sharpener
* iphone chargers, binder clips, paper clips and pin-tacks
* notepads, post-it notes, stapler and staples
* binder paper punches and craft paper punches
* cards, stationery, my "D" seal and wax seal 
* paper ... I made a paper plane 
(because a stack of paper is kind of not appealing to look at)

{The sheet is composed of 9 magnets: the first 3 are the "extra" that are going on my refrigerator.}

*heart shaped seaglass found on the beach
* heart shaped stone found on the beach
* nick-nack 3 red heart shaped things

extra tips:

Of course you can always have 
your kids' smiles, dogs, cats, horses, ducks, cockatoos on the magnets.

Or you can make them into a "working magnet"
... here's another holiday idea:
take close up shots of 8 beautiful ornaments, and one for the top,
then you can put the magnets on your refrigerator or magnetic board in your office, creating a minimal Christmas tree! :)
Get these magnet a multi-tasking job!!

xox, d.

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