Sunday, December 23, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #21

2013 is a week away and all we need is...
a new calendar

...or a print:

if you like vivid colors and stunning digital work, typography and photography, add some colors to your walls and visit Sam Coldy's online store
Sam Coldy print "hello 2013"
Even though I have a smartphone and a computer, a calendar on the wall is something I cannot live without...

DIY perpetual erasable calendars (cross stitch)

Several years ago, I made my erasable perpetual calendars, one for me and one for my mom (I'm such a good daughter!).
I pasted together several different patterns and adjusted them into the design I wanted to make.
I still have (somewhere) the templates, let me know if you're interested in and I'll look into and try to scan it and upload it into a pdf format.

this one rectangular and formatted with start week on Sunday and days of the week are in English

This one is squared and formatted with start week on Monday and days of the week are in Italian
What I did is cross stitch my pattern on the Aida cloth, and then placed into a glass frame.
I use erasable markers to write on it, and clean it up at the end of the month.
Every day has some room to write about birthdays, things to do, dr. appointments, things to remember, etc.

I am in the process of finishing the matching erasable white board with the same pattern!

last minute gifts: cool perpetual calendars  

2013 do-it & print-it-yourself calendars:

A calendar generator: 

Go to time and date and generate your calendar, really à la carte, with unlimited choices to pick from: planners, desk calendars, wall calendars, cd jewel cases... tons of designs, how you want your setup, holidays for all Countries, customizable at your best!

...or use some gifts from the web with some free printables:

Design Love Fest 2013 calendar

Owl Lover 2013 Calendar
the calendar for the OWL lover with so many designs to pick from @ my owl barn

if you love dots this 2013 calendar is for you! @ the twinery blog

the sweet 2013 calendar @ eat drink chic

love this simple print with a splash of color @ the tomkat studio
template to make this fun faceted desktop 2013 calendar @ home life weekly

several free printables, including this one perfect for the "foodies" @ home life weekly

make your pictures into calendars: 10 beautiful free templates @ creative blog

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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