Sunday, December 16, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #20

gift guide for the artsy partsy.

all balloon doggie style! (pun intended)

I already expressed my love for pop art, quirky things and balloon dogs.
So here's a gallery (and a shopping guide, and some patterns for DIY gifts) for all things balloon dog.

balloon dog means party:

learn how to make the perfect, real, authentic balloon dog with this easy to follow video:

balloon dog in the kitchen:

...and a cake. with a balloon dog serving dish. ... mmmmhhh delish.

balloon dog 12" serving dish (sold out) on

no time for a cake? make a jello balloon dog, works for me :)

 or make cookies:
balloon dog cookie cutter @

and if you don't have a sweet tooth: get yourself a salt & pepper shaker :)

or keep your refrigerator in pop-art style with a tutorial for a polymer clay balloon dog magnet & clipboard
polymer clay balloon dog step-by-step tutorial @ inspiration&realisation

balloon dog holidays:

too bad these tree ornaments are not available anymore... (but they might come back, hopefully)! I would have my tree done this way in a heart bit!!

balloon dog ornaments (sold out) @ urban outfitters

balloon dog lamps:

in all the price range...
this one is from Target and at $34.99 is a great deal! (online only)

balloon dog lamp @ jellio

balloon dog: soft textiles

pup art collection @ Agga B.

and since this year sweaters and sweatshirts are so fashionable with all kinds of cartoons, pop art, and animal print and pattern, why don't cross stitch or intarsia knit your very own? 
This is in my plans...

Or an even more detailed pattern... free. Using the free pattern generator my photo stitch
free cross stitch balloon dog pattern created for you by TrueBlueMeAndYou

a balloon dog for the special dog in your life:

balloon dog jewelry for him & her:

my favorite: a sterling silver pendant <3
quirky, made in polymer clay:
love these cufflinks :( unfortunately sold out everywhere...

balloon dog for the kids:

wall stickers @ wall candy arts

balloon dog sculpture on

everyday objects:

balloon dog book ends (or could be used also as door stopper)
balloon dog bank, because whit this economy it's better to learn the art of saving...

and of course, balloon dog art & sculputes:

Jeff Koons

crocheted, big and soft sculpture by Owen Premore

... and a free clip art :)

xox, d.

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