Sunday, December 2, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #19

love leaves edition!

Leaves are free, 
come in a variety of colors and shapes, 
they are one of a kind 
and you can do / make a  lot of things with them!

typography leaves

Check these cutouts typography leaves made by designer Twan van Keulen: I love that he left the stems on the cutouts!
Also available the special characters and numbers.
Prints available for sale here or contact him if you want a print with your chosen words.

typography meets lace:

Patiently handmade cutouts leaves of different shapes with typography and lace-like designs. Jaws dropping beautiful, do you agree?
Made by Mei Linn Chan, check also the number version!

cutouts figurative and abstract leaves

Artist Lorenzo Duran uses the scalpels like no other... he can make almost about anything with a leaf. 
I chose to show this celtic knot design because of my addiction to knots :)

crochet on the edges (and more)

Have you learned how to crochet yet? Well, Susanna Bauer certainly has mastered it! Love the delicate lace-edging of these leaves, and I might even try to make some... they look so beautiful in their display cases or frames.

photography inspiration

It might be a bit too late now, but take a walk in the nearest woods and collect leaves... then display them in a gradient and click! 
You might need a whole day, but how gorgeous is this picture by Mr. Dale on flickr for his autumn spectrum project?  

painted over

This wreath of painted eucalyptus leaves is a-ma-zing. Do you agree? Made by Elena Nuez and on sale on her Etsy store.

more with paint

Gabee Meyer's vibrant painted leaves are another great example of how colors and brushes can make a simple leaf something unique. Her style is eclectic and I would be in trouble to just pick one!

doodles on leaves

Who isn't a doodler? ... but some are better than other, indeed! Love these delicate doodles on pressed leaves by Quince and Quire. These would look beautiful as gift tags, too! (the kind that you don't throw in the trash after un-wrapping the presents!)

... And some tutorials, of course!

Print with leaves

Using simple ingredients, and detailed instructions over Cassie Stephens's blog.

Leaves art

Perfect for fall. Or winter. Or anytime!
Bring nature indoor with a simple tutorial by just a girl blog!

make garden concrete leaves

...using real leaves.
Best tutorial I found because tells you how to make the big concrete leaves without the risk of them breaking, that other tutorials never mention. From the pro: concrete garden leaves (cat not included)!

"ghost" or "skeleton" leaves tutorial

She tried it and tried it, until she mastered the process and the formula, using ingredients from the grocery store! I'm so doing these! Tutorial at The Other White House.

...and the next step... embroidery

So you were successful with the skeleton leaves... bring it up a notch, with some thread and the most delicate hand!
Not sure I am delicate enough to mastered this, but I wish I could, definitely Susan Elliott knows to work that needle!

and a leaves pattern pdf:

Download this pattern of autumn leaves: it's free over at Lolly Chops!

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