Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY wrapping and giftbags

although the tree is not up yet, 

it started to look a bit Christmassy here

Today I wrapped some of the presents, and decided to use basic supplies... with a touch of retro!

* brown shipping paper
* paper doilies
* sisal
* my "D" seal and some burgundy wax seal 

How to make lace-tape

To make my presents look more festive, I decided to make some lace tape using white paper, and clear packing tape... and the use of a paper punch: I used an old one of mine, but  this one would have been so much prettier with the hearts! 

I made the first tape by double punching the paper, and then placing the clear tape on top of it.
... As you can see from the finished packages, I made all the rest just punching one side, cutting straight the other side and tape it onto my boxes.
Half the time, but still nice !

...and then the "ghetto stockings" a.k.a. gift bags

Then I made some "ghetto stockings":  when you move several times and live in two different countries, sometimes things end up to be in the wrong place...

This is the case with our pretty Christmas stockings, that this year won't see the light of the day, being in a box in the basement some 5000 miles away.

For these I used brown lunch bags and paper doilies.. and whoever is saying that our dogs are spoiled is so very wrong: see?? They have much smaller "ghetto stockings" and smaller doilies!!

Just fold in half the paper doily, apply some glue.
Glue the doily on the front part of the bag, then fold the other half inside the bag.
Write the name with a gold marker (or silver, or red or whatever color is your Christmas)...

xox, d.

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