Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIY winter nautical bracelet

who said nautical accessories are just for summer?

Pick the right color combination and make it work for winter too!
I love the combination of tan and dark grey...

This bracelet is a mix and match of two very popular posts on my blog:

what you need: supplies

satin twisted rope  (less than) 1 yr in each color
* 2 ribbon crimps 20 mm or 3/4" (20mm or 3/4 inch Silver Ribbon Clamp End Crimps (16 Pcs.) )
* large lobster clasp   (Clasps Lobster Swivel 1 1/2" Silver Plated 5pc)
* two split rings   (500 Silver Plated Metal Jump Rings MEGA MIX 5-12mm NEW 5 BAGS 100 each of 5 sizes!)

(I prefer to use split rings rather than jumprings especially while using thick chain or cords, because it's more unlikely that they will split open and less chance to break)

* few links of chain (optional)
* two pairs flat nose pliers
E 6000 glue
* masking tape and scissors (not pictured)

the how-to / tutorial:

* cut each color of the satin twisted rope  in three parts, 
wrapping the edges with tape to prevent them from unravelling
* prepare your sailor's knot all the same colors on each side 
(or alternate the colors... or do as you like!)

* use the masking tape on each side to keep the cords nicely tight together

*apply some  E 6000 glue at the edge of the masking tape on each side,
and both on the right and wrong side of the bracelet-to-be

*meanwhile,  use some masking tape on the pliers (this will protect the ribbon crimps) 
and open the ribbon crimps a little wider

*the glue should be dry now, so cut the excess cords on each side

* insert the cords into the ribbon crimps and close tight 

*add a split ring on each side of the ribbon crimp, 
few links of chain on one side and
a clasp on the other side and it's ready!

make it in 10 minutes sharp!

xox, d. 

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