Thursday, December 6, 2012

DIY white shirt gets a party look

I love crispy white shirts... 

Have quite a few in my closet :)

This one in particular is one of my favorite, the cotton is really light and soft and it's one of my "year around" shirts.
... But in need of an update (keep reading to find out why)!

Inspired by this Alycia metal-tipped lace-trimmed cotton collar by Karl
and since I didn't do just the collar, I kept the black lace motif going on on the cuffs as well.

This is a 1-hour fix if you intend to hand sew,
or a 20 minutes if you use a sewing machine.
I did some with my machine, and some hand-sewn, so: ...about 40 minutes!

supplies needed:

* white shirt (similar here)
* black lace 3" high(mine comes from my stash) 
 (measure the length of the collar + cuffs + 4 inches)
* scissors
*black & white thread & needle

the how-to / tutorial:

dressing up the collar:

* start by laying the collar flat right side facing up

* place the lace onto the collar without pulling, and pin in place

* make sure that the lace is symmetric on at both edges 

*sew following the design of the lace using white bobbin thread and black needle thread 

* cut the edges around the tips of the collar and fray check the lace

* pin in place, first the part that has been fray checked 

* then the other side, and sew (I hand sew this side) the lace down using small stitches
* add a metal tip (if you have it) or "cheat" using glass beads  :)

the cuffs:

I'm cutting my lace in half, because I want only a small portion of lace on the cuffs. 
This part is optional: I have two buttons on the cuffs and I didn't want to re-do the button holes on the lace.

* To cut the lace perfectly in half, tape it down to the mat so it won't move and use a ruler and a  rotary cutter

* fray check and wait until dry the cut edges of the lace

* pin the lace in place, starting from the side of the button hole, so you can manage to live it free, also remove the button, that will be sewn back onto the lace  

Now: this is WHY I had to do something with this shirt: see the fraying cuff? Yes, I did overused it. But By hiding my "dirty little secret" now I can still get some life out of it!!!
* sew it following the design of the lace, fold the extra lace and sew on the back of the cuff with small stitches.

...and done!
long life to my "new" shirt;)

xox, d.

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