Friday, December 7, 2012

DIY vintage coins cufflinks

gift for the man in your life: how difficult this is?

Every Christmas, every birthday, it's always a big dilemma to find the right gift for "my guy".

It's been a bit of a tradition, that every Christmas, I find some pretty cufflinks for him, and this year is no exception.

This is an exceptional beyond easy project.

Supplies needed:

*  glue E-6000
 * 2 vintage (or simply pretty) coins
* {optional} clear nail polish or clear spray paint
(since these coins are aluminum,  to make sure they won't leave a stain on the cuffs)

a little story behind these coins:

My dad gave me a box with coins: some very old, some vintage, some from foreign countries.
I love use coins in jewelry (remember this necklace?)

Before the Euro, the currency in Italy was the Lira.
Coins such as 5, 10 and 20 lira were already pretty rare in the 1990s, and now they are considered collectibles.

Long story short, these 5 Lira coins are pretty darn cute.
5 is my lucky number
and there's a dolphin on the coin ... and I have a dolphin tattoo.
So my husband wearing these cufflinks, is like wearing mini-me :)

(I tried to find our years of birth on the bunch but that would have been too much luck!)

Best part: if somebody asks him what did he get for Christmas he can always say: "I got a 10 Lira worth of cufflinks" (that would be worth 0.0050 € with the conversion!!)

the beyond-easy how-to / tutorial:

Wash and dry careful the coins (I rubbed them with tooth paste)

place a drop of glue E-6000
 on the cufflink bases 
place the cufflinks bases right in the middle of the wrong side of the coins

Wait until dry and apply on both sides a light coat of clear nail polish or clear spray paint, and let dry.
Find a pretty box and ready to be placed under the tree!

xox, d.

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