Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY a real charmer bracelet

Make a lot of different beads and clusters 

for your "charming" bracelet

Gold and lots of different beads made with pearls 
and other semi-precious stones...
can it get more festive than that?

top: Lenora Dame - collage by moi

--> make this bracelet: all the supplies

Because I normally don't use gold, I had to stock up on gold (plated) findings and materials.
You might have a lot of these components in your stash.
I would have everything on hand if I would made it in silver! (the heart pendant was the only thing I already had...)

* chain - 6 to 8" I like this one (Bulk Jewelry Chain By the Foot: 18 Karat Gold Plated 5x7mm Soldered Oval Cable Chain: 1 Yard (3 Feet) because of the soldered links, (with so many charms the bracelet becomes a bit heavy)

* a large lobster clasp (perfect match with the chain and if you use a small one the bracelet will look cheap... just saying) (Beautiful Gold Plated Curved Lobster Clasps 15mm (10)
* gold wire 24 gauge (24 Gauge Gold Color 30 Yard Tarnish Resistant Craft Wire)
* MANY head pins: for the small pearls I used these, (100 Pcs Gold Plated 1" Ball Head Pins 66302GP)   and for the bigger beads and pearls I used these with the flat head and a bit longer (22K Gold Plated Head Pins - 24 Gauge/1.5 Inches (X50)
* 4 mm jump rings (4mm 21 Gauge Open Jump Rings 22K Gold Plated (100)  and 7,5mm jump rings (Beadalon Jump Ring 6 by 7-1/2mm Gold Plated, 25-Piece)  (these are nice and sturdy)
* random beads that I had "just one of a kind" in my stash
* tiny pearls (Tennessee Crafts 4014 Pearls White Fresh Water Pearl Rice 2.3mm Beads, 86-Piece),
* medium size pearls (Tennessee Crafts Beads 4018 Pearls White Fresh Water Rice, 5.2mm, 38-Piece)
* two large pearls (Tennessee Crafts 4020 Pearls White Fresh Water Pearl Rounded 8 by 9mm Beads, 22-Piece)
* filigree bead caps (similar: Blue Moon Frosting Metal Bead Caps, 120/Pkg, Gold)
* spacers & filigree beads (similar: Darice(R) Big Value! Cast Spacer Beads - 40PK/Gold)

pearl beads & clusters

bead #1 : circle

* Depending how large you want your bead to look like, string an ODD number of pearls onto the wire - this one has 11 medium size pearls (I made another one with 13 tiny pearls and it's much smaller - and really cute-)
* use you round nose pliers to make a double round circle at the short end of the wire
* cut the wire and leave about 1" on the other end
* shape the wire with the pearls into a circle
* pass the wire onto the split ring you created onto the other end, and prepare the loop (that will get twisted onto the chain of the bracelet)

bead #2 : circle with contrast center

* string an EVEN number of medium size pearls (in my case, 6) onto the wire, and shape the wire into a loose circle
* add an oval shaped beads (I used a smoky quartz)
* twist the wire and place the oval bead inside the circle with the pearls
* using your round nose pliers, twist one end of the wire around the circle with the pearls and cut the wire
* leave about 1" on the other side, and prepare the loop that will go on the bracelet

bead #3 : cluster "grapes"

* prepare 13 medium size pearls onto the headpins
* wire wrap each pearl, and wire wrap the pearls in set of 2 using the "beaded link" technique (tutorial here) (leave the last three alone for now)
* use two or three links of chain (this is a small segment of a thin chain I happened to have but you can use the same chain as the bracelet)
* place the 3 pearls onto a jump ring and connect it with the bottom link of the chain
* place a jump ring onto each of the couple of pearls and link them to the next link of the chain

bead #4: pearls cluster with filigree bead caps

* prepare A LOT of tiny pearls with the small ball headpins and wrap the loop around each pearl.
* use the small jump rings and place 3 pearls on each
* the filigree bead cap was originally curved (like a cap) but I flattened it out with the pliers
* place a jump ring with the 3 pearls on each hole around the filigree cap bead
* once complete, use a longer head pin, place a large pearl on it, then the filigree cluster, than another pearl

bead #5 : round cluster 

* use two filigree end caps and place one on top of the other 
* prepare the tiny pearls just like the previous bead
* place each one of the pearls into a small jump ring and hook them onto each part of the filigree 
(I actually had to took one of the pearls out to put it onto the bracelet because the filigree is too thin and there wasn't enough room for a jump ring to connect it to the bracelet)

Add the clasp to the bracelet using one of the larger jump rings

all the beads and clusters ready to be hooked onto the bracelet

String your lonely beads onto the headpins - and start arranging them onto the bracelet using jump rings and the looped wires left on each of the clusters...

xox, d.

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