Friday, December 14, 2012

DIY polymer clay balloon dog clipboard

a balloon dog for a splash of pop art (or circus) on my fridge!

Because clowns freak me out, 
but I do love balloon dogs (and pop art).

Now I have a non-popping one holding my notepad for my {never ending} lists!

my balloon dog and my vintage blue / red pencil (I glued a little magnet in the center of the pencil, too) 

Since I started using polymer clay, the make of a balloon dog seemed easy enough for a novice, and I started to look online for tutorial, insights and tricks.
But the balloon dogs that I found where made to look like standing dogs, made out of "sausage" parts.
So there it is how I made mine, just a tiny bit different.

I used 90 gr. of red polymer clay.

the polymer clay balloon dog (that looks like a twisted balloon) 

how-to / tutorial:

*make a "sausage" about 1/2" in diameter and about 10-1/2" long
--> the balloon dog is made out of 10 parts: all shaped like "sausages" with rounded edges, and a small part for the tail and nose.
- 6 pieces are 7/8" long
- 1 piece (the body) is 1-1/8 long
- 2 pieces are 2/3" long (face and neck)
- 1 piece is about 1/2" long (the tail)

*bend the 6 parts 7/8" long to a "bean shape", 
and join them together, leaving a slight opening in the middle

* use few pieces of wire (I used copper) to create the "bones" of your balloon dog, and assemble the different parts together.

The polymer clay I kept aside for the end part of the tail was way too much. 
Keep a large image of a "real balloon dog" on your screen to try to keep the sizes into the right scale

making the "nose" of the balloon dog

In a real balloon dog, the nose is the open part of the balloon, tight in a knot.
This is how I made the nose {and pretty pleased with the result!}.

1* make a 1/4" ball with polymer clay
2* push the center of the ball with the end part of a brush, 
3* lift this round shape with the curled edges 
4* place it back onto the end part of a brush and manipulate the center with your fingers until you have a small cone.
5* squeeze it just a bit until it looks just like a know on a balloon

I used a metal clip and glued two magnets on the back with E6000 glue
(the glue gun will dry faster, but ddin't work)

* I placed my balloon dog on a tile, and squeeze it down a little to make some parts flat 
(the ones that are going to be glued on the clip) 
* ready to bake (I gave it a little longer int the oven because of some of the thick parts)
*placed some craft sticks under the muzzle and tail to avoid the collapsing under the weight while baking

Any tool, surface, oven, rolling pin, knife, cookie cutter or pasta machine that comes in contact with polymer clay CANNOT be used with anything else than polymer clay.

* apply some E6000 glue onto the back of my balloon dog, and glue it onto the front part of the clip.

Once dry, I applied a coat of clear varnish to make it shine like a pro!!

And here it is, making my beat up refrigerator 
in my craft room looking a little happier :)

(refrigerator is beyond vintage, but still works. 
And... will get a makeover at some point!!)

xox, d.

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