Sunday, December 9, 2012

DIY nautical coasters

DIY: nautical knots on the table

All my china is white and blue (you might have seen some of my cooking fails on the FB page where I shamelessly post pics and make fun of myself!), and placemats or table cloths are either white or... white & blue.

Believe it or not, until yesterday I didn't have coasters. Which means rings on the tablecloths and high chances of rings on my wood kitchen table.

Love knots. Love blue. Needed coasters.

And since I already have already a nautical trivet... might as well keeping the same theme.

I even made (a two minute project) napkin rings with the leftover cord! 
(tutorial for this knot here and here).

And if you are into dressing up your table for the Holidays... 
you can always think of making these using 

how to make a round plait or a 5 bights turk's head knot: tutorial

To make these coasters, I used about 3 yards or 4mm nylon utility cord each;
and I followed religiously this video tutorial:

but made few adjustments... because the result was something like this... which took me a while to get to the desired shape.

Here's what I did:

once I got my shape right, I draw the outline on a piece of paper

This will come handy for few reasons:
* will speed up the process of getting the knot into the perfect shape;
* will help the process of making several coasters with the exact same dimensions.

Then I followed the steps, and used masking tape on each of the bights to keep my cord in place (also nylon rope is really slippery and the tape comes really handy).

Once I got to the end of all 6 of them, I finished them on the wrong side:

cut the two ends of the cords making sure that the ends will be hidden under the knot

melt the ends with a lighter

sew the two ends using a matching thread

this is how the back looks once done!

Because I used nylon cord (which again, is REALLY slippery), I sew few stitches all around the knot to make sure that won't get messy.

xox, d.

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