Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY minimal rectangular earrings

Another pair of minimal earrings

As I said before, 
I like to keep it minimal when it comes to 

So, when I saw these earrings, I thought that they would make a perfect gift.
(for a friend who doesn't surf the internet much, so I can blog about it and not spoil the surprise!!)

Again, I like to work with sterling silver, and I used two smoky quartz teardrop beads that I had.

left pic: Young Republic - collage by moi

Supplies needed:

* a wood board
* hammer and 4 nails
* ruler and pencil
* wire cutting & round nose pliers
* sterling silver wire 18 Gauge Half Hard
* two teardrop beads
(make sure the whole is big enough for your wire; most teardrop beads in my stash had a tiny hole)

the how-to / tutorial:

DRAW on your board a trapeze with desired measurements 
base is 14 mm - top is 18 mm - length is 30 mm
leave longer ends on the left side 

HAMMER the 4 nails in the corners, trying to keep the nails as perpendicular as possible

BEND the wire around the nails, trying to keep it smooth and straight

once you'll take it out of the nails, it will look a bit waggly like this:

BEND the next piece of wire, and keep both on the nails, 
to make sure they'll look alike

open the left side of the wire, and place your teardrop bead

Bend the wire back in shape

use the round nose pliers to make a hook on the left side of the wire


xox, d.

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