Wednesday, December 26, 2012

DIY leather bow cuff bracelet

a leather bracelet inspired by Kate Spade

 although they ended up having only few things in common.
(* color * leather * bow)

top - kate spade - collage by moi

I saw this pretty bracelet on the Kate Spade's site, and although I didn't have the right hardware, I ended up improvising... and turned out ok!

the leather bow cuff bracelet supplies:

* 4 leather strips [only 3 in picture, but here all the measurements:1x 1-1/8"x 7" - 1x 5/8"x6" - 1x5/8"x4-1/2" - 1x 5/8"x 7"]
* a round plastic bottle & scissors

Make a leather cuff bracelet how to / tutorial:

*apply and spread with a craft stick the glue onto the back of the two shorter pieces of leather ( and let these two dry) and onto the 1-1/8"x 7" piece of leather
*cut a strip of plastic just a bit shy of 3/4" wide and glue the wide piece of leather onto the plastic

* wrap the edges of the leather around the plastic strip

* apply the glue onto the piece of leather  5/8" x 7" and glue it onto the inside of the plastic, covering the edges of the folded leather

Make the double flat bow:

* optional: sew straight seams onto the two shorter strips of leather

* apply just a dot of glue at the edge of the two strips of leather
* wrap the two pieces of leather in a circle and overlap the edges  

* fold the two loops flat with the glued part in the middle and place the smaller one onto the bigger one, right into the center

* sew few stitches into the middle part of the "soon to be a bow" to keep it in place

* sew few stitches or glue the bow onto the center of the cuff

finish the cuff:

* use the wire to wrap around few times the center of the bow, creating "the bridge" - wrap the beginning and the end of the wire around the bow, not around the cuff, so you won't have any sharp metal on your wrists

* adjust the wrap with your pliers 

* measure the cuff onto your wrist, and cut to size (keeping in mind the size of the clasp) then place the edges inside the crimp ends and squeeze with your pliers 

* add a split ring on both ends and a clasp... and you're ready to wear it!

xox, d.
keep in touch! 

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