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Do-Inspire-Yourself #17

crochet 101

I learned the basics of crochet from my grandma when I was a little kid, and never really mastered more than the basic stitches.
So here some of the basics to learn, and let's see if you'll get "hooked" {pun intended}!

First of all:

which kind of learner are you? 

I found this article extremely interested, because it's the getaway to your future web searches.
Drawing? Audio? Video?
We are all different... and we learn things in different way.
Good to know... I believe I am the kinesthetic person (read: stubborn who learns from her mistakes!).

basic crochet stitches

I found on the lion brand site a nice pdf guide, with clear drawings and they also have it in movie format in a  YouTube channel

Something that I'm very bad at: reading patterns and schemes.
I'm terribly challenged with patterns and abbreviations, but maybe if I print these in a sort of like a giant wallpaper, I'll eventually learn...
Scroll down and at the list of abbreviations, you'll find links to the main stitches.

And when it's about the basics, let's go how to follow a stitch diagram it's dummies' proof!

crocheting in circle:

I only knew these two methods: the chain circle or the magic loop, but in the comments of this post there is also a link to a video for the "sloppy slip knot".
The next step after learning to crochet in circle is ... practicing with small projects: the mini-doilies (or coasters)

easy mini-doilies:

To make my big "doilies galore" scarf I made a combination of lots of small and medium size doilies.
Here some nice and easy tutorials to get you started:

how about mini crochet Christmas decorations?

Make small crocheted snowflakes in white, gold and silver and turn your tree into the most "ooohhh" and "aahhhh" in the neighborhood :) :

granny squares

I've got you covered with the granny squares!
From the past, to today's fashion runways, the granny square is a classic that hasn't lost its charm; plus: it's a good way to use all the leftover yarn.

Let's go granny whether you want to make a blanket, a scarf, a skirt, a top, a sweater!
Go to I'd rather be crocheting  for a written pattern with a diagram!

...or follow the pattern with a photo step-by-step tutorial by the purl bee.
And for the "visual types" here's a real time video: it's long, but well shoot and you really can't go wrong following it!

And check this totally cool granny square pattern generator!!!
Decide how many squares you want in length and height, and the colors you want to use: click on "generate"and ta-dah! all your squares arranged, with a pattern to follow and ready to be crocheted!!

And remember: not just blankets or scarves... Christopher Kane's collection from last fall/winter had many pieces based on the granny squares pattern!


Love filet. And it's easy, just need the patience to follow a basic diagram row after row.
Here's a link with diagrams and videos for everything filet.
My mom made this big scarf  for me long time ago, and it's still one of my favorite.
And when you would believe that filet was just about flowers, hearts and cherubim... think again!
This life size skeleton filet scarf by designer Fabienne Gassmann is beyond beautiful!


pom pom emporium has a good tutorial on how to make a pretty flower that is not crocheted in the round

moogly blog has a roundup of 10 different (and free) flowers patterns

mom of 5 daughters (wow... 5 daughters!!!) step-by-step photo tutorial and 3 videos to take off any doubts on how to make these dimensional rosettes.

beads & 3D crochet

Lots and lots of fun jewelry pieces and accessories can be made using crocheted beads!
Just patience, colorful yarns, and some stuffing... and this tutorial by the little treasures !

And Something completely mesmerizing: the Sculptural Crochet Primer: I would consider this as the a-b-c of any of the 3D crocheted form.

More Patterns:

TONS of videos and tutorials on Crochet Geek: most of the videos come in right hand or left hand version.

I could go on forever, since I'm having fun digging for more patterns and inspiration, but this post is "crochet 101" and not a "master in crochet cum laude" so... that's it, for now!!

xox, d.

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