Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY two-tone twisted headband inspired by Eugenia Kim

another headband with a twist!

Another headband, another handmade gift idea!

Use leftover yarns and get creative with plenty of color-blocking...

top pic: polyvore - collage by moi

While I was making my twisted headband's inspiration board, I found these two-tone twisted headbands by Eugenia Kim, and thought that these beauties needed a story on their own!

my inspiration board on polyvore

I made this while on my flight to NYC, therefore the pictures for the tutorial aren't exactly... 

Supplies needed:

Here my TSA friendly tools:
* circular needle size 8mm
* two small balls of chunky yarn in contrasting colors (50 gr. in each color)
* a crochet hook (not pictured)
* a small amount of scrap yarn (not pictured)

the how-to/ tutorial:

* cast on, using the provisional cast on method with a chain stitch, 7 stitches with color #1{white} and 7 stitches with color #2 {gray}

[Note: on these first few pictures I started to work by casting on 18 stitches. After few rows I realized it was too wide and unraveled and casted on 14 stitches!]

* I decided to make my version using seed stitch  
(1st row: KPKPKPK ... 2nd and all other rows KPKPKPK)
gray K P K P K P K  white K P K P K P K

I'm going to use the intarsia knitting method:
using two colors creating a vertical stripe by twisting the yarn on the wrong side of the work.

twisting the yarn

*This is how the work will look like:

on the right side

on the wrong side

*Keep working in intarsia seed stitch for 34 rows.

Then work 2 rows in seed stitch without twisting the yarn on the wrong side of the work: 
this will end up in having the two colors split apart 

*This split will create a softer twist on the headband.

* Because I didn't have with me a cable needle, 
I put the gray stitches on hold  onto my crochet hook

*work on seed stitch the white stitches, and then gray stitches 
(don't forget to twist the yarn on the back while knitting the cable!!)
white K P K P K P K gray K P K P K P K

*work on seed stitch for 34 rows 

*and ready to unravel the provisional stitches from the cast on, 
fold the headband in half, right side in

*and do the three needles bind off!
(well, I'm doing two needles and a crochet...)

I know the girls will want one each... so I'm planning to make plenty!!

xox, d.

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