Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY make your own extra chunky yarn

now that I have my giant knitting needles 
and my giant circular needle... 
I need some extra chunky yarn!

One way is to make a bigger yarn by working with two or three balls at the time (like I did here for the extra textured front), but I'm looking at something much chunkier, but not as thick.
Therefore, ... experimenting time!
I had a ball of pastel yellow yarn (similar to this one), and wanted to make some tests for an idea that I have in mind.
I want to use my size 36 US (20mm EU) needles, so this is what I came out with!

It's an i-cord! A very-very-very long i-cord!
So glad I have my spool knitter,
(but just in case, here's the hand-knit tutorial)

supplies needed:

* worsted weight yarn
* spool knitter ( Caron Embellish-Knit! Machine Kit )

how to make your own extra-chunky yarn:

Follow the instruction of your spool knitter, keeping always the yarn on the opposite side of the spool knitter handle, without tension.
Pay attention to always have the weight to the i-cord that comes out of the spool knitter, and once the cord gets longer, wrap it in a ball, and tie a small knot so won't get tangled.
It took me about 20 minutes to get through the whole 50gr. ball of yarn.
Considering that I plan to do this for a larger project, I would budget about 3 hours of extra work to make my yarn.

And these are my tests:


needles size US 36 - EU 20mm
10 stitches
5 rows stockinette

9" x 4"
23 cm x 10 cm

sample is chunky but still soft


10 chain stitches
1 row single crochet
1 row double crochet

9" x 3-1/8"
23 cm x 8 cm

The sample is really thick -
probably need a bigger hook
(which I don't have)

and some closeups:

...stay tuned for some BIG-FAT-KNITTING!
xox, d.

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