Thursday, November 1, 2012

DIY - giant circular knitting needle

to make giant circular knits 

you need

giant circular knitting needle!

I am thinking to make something:
- super chunky
- warm & wool
- seamless round

need to make a giant circular knitting needle!

This circular needle is a size US 36 - Eu 20 mm,
and it's the evolution of my {previously DIYed} 

Supplies needed:

Start by buying at the hardware store a wooden dowel rod in the size of your needs and a piece of round electrical wire (not too thick - mine is less than 1/4" in diameter)
Have the store cut it to size, or use a saw to cut: I made two 7" long pieces.

Tools and other supplies not pictured:
- pencil
- drill or Dremel with a tip of the size of the electrical wire
- knife
- fine sandpaper 

giant circular knitting needle tutorial:

MARK the center of the rods on one side 
and DRILL a hole about 1 -1/2" into the rods. 

SHARPEN the sides without the hole with a knife to make the tips.
On the sides with the hole just SMOOTH the edges.

SMOOTH both ends using sandpaper.

GLUE: apply some E6000 all around one end of the electrical wire, 
and place it inside the hole in the rod.

CUT just about the length needed of the electrical wire + 1-1/2" 
(I will need this circular needle for something rather small so mine is 17" long,
but you can make it any length of course!), 
apply the glue on the other end, and placed the end into the hole.

EDIT Aug 14, 2014:
I just finished working with t-shirt yarn and I had to make another circular needle.
To make it work better for the kind of stitch I am using, I made both sides sharp and wrapped electrical tape where the wire connect to the wood. This trick helped tremendously the stitches to go freely from the cable to the tip.


And of course, the rod came in a much longer length, so I was able to make matching size US 36, mm20 for my regular knitting needles {tutorial HERE} ... All for less than 5$ !!! (not too shabby!)

Stay tuned because something extra cool is coming up with this giant circular knitting needle!

xox, d.

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