Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIY Burberry inspired studded neckline

change a plain sweater to a trendy studded one 

no time, no sew, no pain... no problem!

left pic: polyvore - collage by moi

I already made a Burberry inspired sweater with studs around the neckline, but in this case I liked the "sunbeams look" and doing something like that would mean have so many prongs in the back of the sweater that would have been painful to make and to wear.

Few weeks ago, I was contacted by Vikesh at crystalsRus if I was interested to try some of their products.
I checked on their website and the answer was YES OF COURSE!

They have so many options you can really spend a whole day there!
(although, I have to say, the website should be improved: the search box doesn't work very well, and in some items it's not specified how many studs the price is about. But looks like they are working on it because since last time I checked, many things have been fixed.)

So when I received the box with (so many) items I was pretty excited, since I never worked with hotfix studs and rhinestones before, and thought this was the perfect input to give it a try.

You already know my point of view on revamping a sweater or a t-shirt 
by adding some kind of decoration around the neckline.

and here's the before and after pic:


Because I never worked with hotfix studs,  I made a "test-drive" with a piece of scrap wool (similar to the fabric of my sweater):
*place the studs on the fabric (I used a hard surface [wood board] rather than my padded iron board, I think works better and the chances to have the studs not moved while ironing are higher)
* use a light fabric (cotton) between the iron and the fabric with the studs
* wait "20-25-30" seconds. This depend of the kind of fabric, the kind of stud (the longest are the one with the crystal). Always check that all the studs are well adhered on your fabric, in case repeat the operation.
* I soaped and washed in warm like water my piece of scrap fabric, waited until dry, and iron again (just like I would do with a sweater)
The studs are perfectly on,  so I proceeded to make my sweater... keep reading for the step-by-step tutorial!

how-to: the tutorial:

I placed a wood board and without stretching the fabric, I measured and draw a vertical line in the middle of the neckline.
Then I started to place the studs around the neck first, and slowly worked down.... here's the pics:

final look of the front:

and added studs on the back as well, but less:

LOVE the look!

what I used:

this is how my shopping cart would have looked like for the make of this sweater:

50 9mm Round Rusty Iron-On Nailhead Metal Stud Bead50 9mm Round Rusty Iron-On Nailhead Metal Stud Bead
x 1$3.60Remove
Round Pointed Silver Gothic Nailhead Stud Bead Iron-On Round Pointed Silver Gothic Nailhead Stud Bead Iron-On
x 1$3.19Remove
Silver Round With Chaton Fancy A Nailhead Stud Iron-On Gothic Silver Round With Chaton Fancy A Nailhead Stud Iron-On Gothic
x 1$4.79Remove
7mm Round Rusty Dark Bronze Iron On Nailheads7mm Round Rusty Dark Bronze Iron On Nailheads
x 1$3.19Remove

will definitely make some more!!
xox, d.

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