Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY bracelets: 50 (almost) shades of...

Make these bracelets to go with your favorite color palette
(and use up all these leftover beads)

The making of these bracelets requires a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, you'll have a new piece of jewelry in about one hour!

Inspired from the bracelet found on the Sundance's catalog.
Mine are made using sterling silver clasps and wire, semiprecious stones and pearls (leftovers)
Swarovski 5mm beads and repurposing my Dodo by Pomellato charms.

left pic: sundance catalog - collage by moi

I made a blue and a green one after purchasing this 
and loving these two color together! 

what you need

- 40 Swarovski 5mm beads  (Wholesale Lot 200 Bicone 5mm Swarovski 5328 Crystal Beads 10 Colors #3)
(I didn't have enough in the same green, so I alternate the emerald green with a lime green)
- 4 or 5 beads in different shapes, texture, color
(I bet you can find what you need in a discounted strand like this one)
- a couple of charms of your choice, I used my Dodo crab for the blue one and giraffe for the green one
- a top drilled tear bead (infinite choices here)
- 4 or 5 head pins (Silver Plated Head Pins 1.5 Inches 24 Gauge (X50)
- 5 or 6 small 3 or 4 mm beads in your color palette, no need to be all the same
- sterling silver wire 26 gauge half hard (Sterling Silver Wire 26 Gauge (.016") Round Half Hard (Qty=10 Feet))  - or this one, silver plated :(Artistic Wire 20-GaugeTarnish Resistant Silver Wire, 6-Yard )
- a sterling silver clasp (Spring Ring Clasp Sterling Silver Toggle Necklace 12mm )  - or silver plated: (12 Pcs Silver Plated 11MM SpringRing Clasps 66093SP)
- few rondelles and spacers (from my stash)
- Round nose pliers - Flat nose pliers and a wire cutter

tutorial // how to make beaded links

These bracelets are a composition of beaded links
Technique it's easy, just a bit of practice.

Thread the wire with the bead

bend the wire at an angle

loop the wire around the round nose pliers

twist the wire around the loop 
(with a soft thin wire you won't need pliers, 
I did it with my hands)

cut the excess wire

repeat on the other side of the bead

keep linking the beads in sequence

make 4 strands of 10 linked Swarovski 5mm beads

make a beaded link connected to the 4 strands on one side
and a bigger bead or stone on the other side (on both ends of the 4 strands)

prepare the charms and other beads connected to the headpins

attach the clasp on one side and the clasp closure on the other side
link the charms along the links 
and you're done!!

xox, d.

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