Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY two-tone twisted headband inspired by Eugenia Kim

another headband with a twist!

Another headband, another handmade gift idea!

Use leftover yarns and get creative with plenty of color-blocking...

top pic: polyvore - collage by moi

While I was making my twisted headband's inspiration board, I found these two-tone twisted headbands by Eugenia Kim, and thought that these beauties needed a story on their own!

my inspiration board on polyvore

I made this while on my flight to NYC, therefore the pictures for the tutorial aren't exactly... 

Supplies needed:

Here my TSA friendly tools:
* circular needle size 8mm
* two small balls of chunky yarn in contrasting colors (50 gr. in each color)
* a crochet hook (not pictured)
* a small amount of scrap yarn (not pictured)

the how-to/ tutorial:

* cast on, using the provisional cast on method with a chain stitch, 7 stitches with color #1{white} and 7 stitches with color #2 {gray}

[Note: on these first few pictures I started to work by casting on 18 stitches. After few rows I realized it was too wide and unraveled and casted on 14 stitches!]

* I decided to make my version using seed stitch  
(1st row: KPKPKPK ... 2nd and all other rows KPKPKPK)
gray K P K P K P K  white K P K P K P K

I'm going to use the intarsia knitting method:
using two colors creating a vertical stripe by twisting the yarn on the wrong side of the work.

twisting the yarn

*This is how the work will look like:

on the right side

on the wrong side

*Keep working in intarsia seed stitch for 34 rows.

Then work 2 rows in seed stitch without twisting the yarn on the wrong side of the work: 
this will end up in having the two colors split apart 

*This split will create a softer twist on the headband.

* Because I didn't have with me a cable needle, 
I put the gray stitches on hold  onto my crochet hook

*work on seed stitch the white stitches, and then gray stitches 
(don't forget to twist the yarn on the back while knitting the cable!!)
white K P K P K P K gray K P K P K P K

*work on seed stitch for 34 rows 

*and ready to unravel the provisional stitches from the cast on, 
fold the headband in half, right side in

*and do the three needles bind off!
(well, I'm doing two needles and a crochet...)

I know the girls will want one each... so I'm planning to make plenty!!

xox, d.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

studs vs. studs: Isabel Marant top

Looking for more studs inspiration?

While I was browsing on polyvore the other day...
my board on polyvore

One of the first studded top that I found amazing was the black top on the right side of the picture by Isabel Marant.
(indeed, reproducing that design would be a bit of work, but ... WOW!)
...and then, one page later... the exact design made it in silver rather than copper and gold tones.
and a BIG price difference...
(while the studs design is almost identical, we are still talking suede vs/22% Polyamide,30% Viscose,48% Acrylic)

xox, d.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIY Burberry inspired studded neckline

change a plain sweater to a trendy studded one 

no time, no sew, no pain... no problem!

left pic: polyvore - collage by moi

I already made a Burberry inspired sweater with studs around the neckline, but in this case I liked the "sunbeams look" and doing something like that would mean have so many prongs in the back of the sweater that would have been painful to make and to wear.

Few weeks ago, I was contacted by Vikesh at crystalsRus if I was interested to try some of their products.
I checked on their website and the answer was YES OF COURSE!

They have so many options you can really spend a whole day there!
(although, I have to say, the website should be improved: the search box doesn't work very well, and in some items it's not specified how many studs the price is about. But looks like they are working on it because since last time I checked, many things have been fixed.)

So when I received the box with (so many) items I was pretty excited, since I never worked with hotfix studs and rhinestones before, and thought this was the perfect input to give it a try.

You already know my point of view on revamping a sweater or a t-shirt 
by adding some kind of decoration around the neckline.

and here's the before and after pic:

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #18

The holidays are coming: 
let's make unique handmade gifts this year! 

20+ ideas, inspiration and tutorials using:
plastic bottles

jewelry: ideas, inspiration, tutorials

inspiration by artist Fabiana Gadano

inspiration by artist Tonya O'Hara

tutorial from Alessia @ A matter of style

tutorial @ inspiration&realisation

inspiration by artist Laura Astor on Etsy

inspiration by Gulnu Rozdaglar on Etsy

jewelry components: beads and twisted wires

twisted jewelry wire: tutorial on Wikihow 

make your own beads: tutorial @ the frugal crafter

How-to: plastic flowers

home décor gifts:

make this bowl: tutorial over @ instructables

make a vase - tutorial @ wikihow

garland and curtains installation by Isa Digue

and, made by Isa Diguewith a beautiful video tutorial:

holiday decorations:

A wreath by artist Dale Wayne

with a complete tutorial to make also a fantastic Christmas tree! (click to enlarge)

tutorial: stars decoration @ esprit cabane

tutorial: make snow flakes decorations @ artesan blog

something useful:

tutorial: tiny containers (use them as gift boxes!!) by designer Zitta Schnitt

tutorial: a jewelry organizer @ epbot

yarn organizer tutorial @ inspiration&realisation

inspiration: gorgeous light fixtures

light bubble chandelier @ souda soda

Cascade by artist Michelle Brand

Daisy table lamp by Sarah Turner Eco Design on Etsy

Dig into your recycling and start making unique, handmade, eco-friendly and {last but not least}... cheap gifts!!!

You've been featured!! Grab the button!! 


xox, d.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

DIY double sided twisted headband

twisted headband: the double sided cable

After finishing this  knit and crochet sweater  and the crocheted shawl  I had about 3/4 ball of yarn left.
There aren't many things you can do with 3/4 ball of very thick yarn... but a headband will do.

top pic: club monaco - collage by moi

How to DIY a twisted headband

Sure you can find a cabled or twisted headband everywhere, for any kind of price tags.

Here some of my favorites on my board on polyvore. I most likely knit some more of these options.
Keep in mind that knitting a headband (with thick yarn) requires about 1 hour of your time.
So making headbands is really not time consuming, and they make great stocking stuffers!
(ok, if you live in that part of the world where Christmas = cold weather!)

make a twisted headband tutorial

I casted on 14 stitches with the provisional method using the crocheted chain stitch with a scrap yarn.
I'm using knitting needles size 8mm.

To make a reversible cable the trick is to knit in while ribbing.
In this case I'll do the 1:1 rib.
My headband consists in 14 stitches, so:

Knit in 1:1 rib for 32 rows
then, cable :

I call this "the stand alone cable"

since the cable is all it is, without further stitches before and after the cable.
The result is a much "airy" looking twist:

place the first 7 stitches on the cable needle
(K P K P K P K )
work the remaining 7 stitches - pass the yarn over from the hold needle to be able to purl the forst stitch  ( P K P K P K P)
then work the stitches on hold on the cable needle (K P K P K P K )

then work in 1:1 ribs for 32 rows. 
The stitches will present now as:

Time to place the provisional cast-on onto a needle by unraveling the chain stitches

And sew the two open sides with open stitches - this way the headband will feel almost seamless!

This cable with the twisted look on both sides is particularly useful if you want to make scarves.

xox, d.

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