Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Istanbul in pills

a week in Istanbul

Few weeks ago I was in Istanbul for a week, and let me tell you: if you haven't been to Istanbul yet, make sure to put it on top of your to-see-list.

City is fantastic, chaotic, noisy, dense of culture, colors, scents.
Tram is the best way to get around since traffic is so bad. You might get lost, but getting off and going back on the opposite direction will still take you to your destination faster than a cab!

The old part of town is dense of monuments: make sure you get one of these tourist's cards, so you don't have to stay in line forever waiting to see a musk or a palace.

Navigating the Grand Bazaar will be somehow tricky, but you'll eventually find your way out (with some few presents for yourself) ... I found two pretty sterling silver rings, and after 20 minutes of haggling I believe I got a decent deal !

left ring already has matching earrings thanks to two beads bought at the Spice Market

If you are a crafter... don't miss the Spice Market.
Don't get turned off by the "Spices": yes, there are spices of all kind. 
But few narrow streets down... hundred of tiny stores packed up one on top of each others with all the possible beads, sequins, jewelry findings, trims, lace, ribbons, feathers. You name it, it's there.
Got my sequins and beads supplies taken care (for the rest of my life).

all of these sequins and beads comes in big pack like the one on the left... Just saying.
these are the sew on jewels used for my version of the Miu Miu crystal embellished sweater

And of course, we got saffron, tea Turkish delights and Backlava.

So at the end, not only my luggage was 8 lbs heavier, but myself as well... 1 week: +2 pounds, but all worth it!!!

xox, d.

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