Sunday, October 28, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #15

knitting 101

Since the weather is turning cold (on the north hemisphere, at least, lucky you on the other side), I'm in the urge of some chunky knits. :)

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For this week, I thought it could be a good idea to wrap some basic and not-so-basic techniques to inspire you to sit back, relax and enjoy {or learn} some good knitting!

WATG: a.k.a.Wool And The Gang

If you're in New York City, you might want to stop by the Wool And The Gang store in Soho.
You won't be disappointed!
On the site, all the step-by-step, easy video tutorials suitable for very beginners!
Videos are well shot, and easy to understand!

the Purl Bee - Purl Soho

Another NYC store! I used to live just around the corner, and bought there the softest 8 ply cashmere (you'll see what I made with it soon!)
The store is not just about knitting, by the way.
Easy to navigate, the PurlBee site offers a wide range of tutorials, and if you go under the knitting section, you'll probably find the answer to any knitting doubts you could have!

casting on

From very basics, to all kind of different way to cast on your stitches: a great round-up of video tutorials  on Keep on Knitting.

raglan sleeves

Looking at what's going on on the fashion scene, looks like raglan sleeves are on top of designer's pick: (see here, here, and here).
Love this well explained multi tutorial from Super Needle  that shows 5 different ways to do the decreasing for the perfect raglan look.

the short rows

Short rows are mostly used for knitting socks, but they can be helpful also in many other occasions.
On this tutorial by socktopus  you can find linked a lot of other methods for achieving the short rows technique. (which I suck at, in case you wanted to know!!!)

shoulders, and sleeves

Marcella Maglie  is a site in italian, but you can use a translator and should be understandable, besides, pictures are worth a million words.
Easily explained a lot of different shoulders and sleeves shapes.
Navigate on the site for many stitches patterns and other useful informations.

three needles bind off

This one and a half minute video is  well shot, clear, and slow {and mute (which often is a plus!)- sorry some voices are annoying!!!}.
If you want to know how to have your sleeves bind off with an almost seamless feel, check it out.

V neck and round neck ribbing

The math behind the necks.
How to make your V neck and round neck without losing it.
REally! The easy, understandable math you need to know.

So, are you going to learn how to knit anytime soon?

xox, d.

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