Sunday, October 21, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #14

exact 10 days to halloween!

In case you are still browsing and still have no clue about what to do with your pumpkins...
I thought to dedicate a whole post to my favorite pumpkins, some are tutorials, some are just inspiration.

glitter & dripping paint:

This pumpkin is spooky & perfectly chic.
Found on Amanda Talley's Facebook group - see more of her gorgeous abstract drawings and paintings on her site HERE

carved perfection: helvetica

Love typography, love Helvetica... love this pumpkin!
Found on Flickr HERE by lancehancock
This is not a tutorial: but I would make it by using stick-on letters and slowly carve around each letter with an exacto knife. 

bejeweled black & white:

Knockoff of the Horchow bejeweled pretty pricey @ $195 pumpkins... a tutorial from Laura @ corner house blog

White pumpkin + sharpie... really!

Doodles, spider webs and geometric patterns over a white pumpkin with a black Sharpie. 
...What not to love? 
Check out the details over @ chica and jo

Lace: enough said.

You know I love lace... 
There are many lace pumpkins around, but these are my favorite.
Paint pumpkin with a mint/grey color (arsenic) first, then glue lace cut-outs. 
Love this color combination!
found over @ country living

if you have a lot of patience...

Head over Alisa Burke and follow her tutorial on how to make these beauty.
... paint, dimensional paint and patience, patience, patience...
(But so beautiful, they are worth it!)

edgy and studded:

These pumpkins over @ southern living were made using upholstery pin tucks, but they can surely be replicated with studs, spikes, and office supplies pin-tucks (all cheaper than upholstery tucks).
Pretty cool!

... and if you're still not sure, and you want to browse some more...

head over the tumblr blog dedicated to 


Get ready and DIY your pumpkins!!! Only10 days to Halloween!!
xox, d.

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