Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Miu Miu crystal embellished pullover

...take a fisherman's pullover and put a bling on it.

If you thought that fisherman's sweaters 
were only for the tough outdoor, 
paired with denim and Hunter boots, 
... think again.

left Pic: polyvore - right pic: courtesy of @alyssavingan on Instagram(1)
Last post was meant to introduce the large amount of heavy cabled, Irish inspired sweater that are "hot" {literally} this year.

But some designers put an extra spin on it, adding some "bling" and taking these off white, heavy duty pullovers to a brand new level.

get the high $$$ look with a DIY: 

Take an Irish sweater and add a choice of :
SEQUINS -->  Haute Hippie <--
SEW-ON JEWELS -->  Miu Miu <--
GLASS BEADS -->  J.Crew <--

left pic: mytheresa - collage by moi

Because of the silhouette of my knitted sweater, 
{and because it's the less-work-intensive of the three inspiration}
I decided to make my sweater with the sew-on jewels, just like the Miu Miu pullover.
Looking at the Miu Miu sweater, looks like it's a random pattern, so I just went by eye.
Total time: about two hours.

Love the totally different life that my sweater will endure now with all these shiny embellishments: 
this refashion it's just one of the simplest, since there's no cutting, measuring nor re-fitting involved.
... Just put a bling on it!

The not-so-much-of a tutorial:

I bought these sew-on jewels in 8 different shapes  
(while I was in Istanbul last week - so cheap it was surreal)
* Sew-on with a matching color thread.
* Some in a group of three, some in a group of two, and the biggest ones just as is.
* Toward the shoulders I sew on the crystals closer to each other.
* Going down toward the waist they are more far away.
That's it.

The reason why I choose to use sew-ons is simple: in the very possible situation that I might get tired of the embellishments, it will take me few minutes with a seam-ripper to get my plain fisherman's sweater back.
In case you want to Do-It-the-fast-way: you can buy the same jewels, not drilled, that are meant to be glued on. The whole process shouldn't take more than 15-20 minutes!

xox, d.

(1) this sweater is not yet for sale on J.Crew - The picture on the lookbook doesn't give enough justice to this pretty pullover - Alyssa Vingan is associate web editor at Marie Claire and got this picture at last year fashion show in NYC.

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