Saturday, October 27, 2012

DIY cufflinks

I love the dressy look of cufflinks on my wrists!

I normally "steal" my husband's cufflinks, but today I decided to make a pair of girly-er ones.
And how fun to make cufflinks out of... buttons :)

picture snapped on my way out for a girls' night out!
necklace and bracelet are DIY as well - coming soon -

These are so very easy to make, and fast, too!

supplies needed:

* 2 - two holes buttons - rather large (I picked these mother of pearl stars - also used HERE)
* 2 - two holes buttons of the size of your button holes
* wire (this is sterling silver in 20 gauge Half Hard)
* round nose pliers

In case your shirt isn't born with cufflinks cuffs and has the button on one side of the cuff and the buttonhole on the other one, you can just "cheat" and remove the button and create an extra buttonhole where the button was set.
This will give you the chance to dress it up with cufflinks of any sort and change the look of an otherwise plain button-down. :)

step-by-step tutorial:

Starting at about 1/2" from the edge, bend the wire forming a " |_| "shape, where the middle part should be as wide as the width in between the two holes of your buttons.

"Thread" the button with the wire first on one hole,

Then on the second hole

Turn the button toward the back side, and twist the wire

Using the pliers, twist the wire  a couple of times tight to the button, and cut the excess wire.

The front side will look like this, and cut the wire at 2"

Now leave about 1/2"  and bend it again, same as the first step.

Thread the small button (make sure that the right sides of the buttons will face outward)

Twist the wire underneath, and cut the excess.

Next - make the second one and wear!

xox, d.

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