Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DIY color block loafers

loafers are into the spotlight!

I just finished to refashion an old pair of plain black loafers 
into something more fun, contemporary and colorful!

From my instagram @iamdonatella few days ago


Totally inspired by ... so many to pick from!
I knew that I wanted:

color-block, fringes and tassels

Here's my inspiration board on polyvore:

...and how I made it:

First I measured well, and cut a rectangle of paper to make sure that my plan wasn't going to fail.
Totally happy with the result! 
And now I have a perfect match with my  DIY royal blue clutch!!

fringes & tassels


1* once you have your 4 pieces of leather for the fringes, depending on which leather you'll be using, you might need to give the leather a little "extra body" (my leather was from a skirt, so soft and thin)

2* place a fair amount of E6000 glue in the centre of the piece of leather

3* using a popsicle stick, start spreading the glue 

4* until is all over uniformly in a thin layer across the piece of leather ... LET DRY!


5* spread a little glue on the un-cut part of the leather, and place the thin strip on one edge

6* start rolling the strip keeping it tight

7* until you reach the end of the strip of leather - then repeat on the other side. 

Your tassels should have about 2" strip leather in between.

* for the fringes: 

cut 4 pieces of leather  in royal blue (the back of my royal blue leather is black) 
(3-1/4" x 3-3/4" , but don't keep these measurements into consideration, since I wear a size 4, and need to work on whatever previous shoes you own, so measure the opening of the shoes and should be about 1/2" wider than that - length is really up to you, where you would like your fringes to end)

* tape the pieces of leather on the cutting mat, so they won't move
* draw (I used a light gray pencil) a vertical line at 2" from the right edge
* draw horizontal lines every 1/4" from the right edge to the vertical line 
* using the x-acto knife, cut along the horizontal lines
* with small scissors, cut the edge of each fringe in arrow shape like this :  > 

* for the tassels: 

cut 4 pieces of leather (3-3/4" x 1-1/4") 
two pieces about 2-1/2" long -1/4" wide - folded in half by the length and sewn 

* tape the pieces of leather on the cutting mat, so they won't move
* draw (I used a light gray pencil) a vertical line at 1" to the right edge
* draw horizontal lines every 1/8" from the right edge to the vertical line
* with the x-acto knife, cut the along the horizontal lines

step by step tutorial:

Place the two pieces of leather on top of each other, with the top one not overlapping for about 1/2".
Glue them together, or give them a few stitches on the top part.
Fold about 1/2" of the fringes inside the opening of your loafers.
Make sure that they are perfectly symmetrical.

Once you're happy on the overall look, use a leather needle and sew two stitches on the sides.
(I used an upholstery thread), and repeating the stitches two or three times in the same spot.
Repeat on the other side.

Wear the shoes, and mark with a pen two dots (about 1/2" apart from each other ).

Using a hole punch, punch on the dots.

Fold the tassel like this:

Use a thin (1/4" wide) strip of leather to thread the tassel:
Pass from inside the shoe to the outside, 
then into the tassel,
then from the top of the shoe into the inside.

Cut the two sides of the strip of leather about 3/4", apply a drop of glue and seal it inside.

from planning to wearing in about ... 3 hours!

xox, d.

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