Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY Chanel agate necklace

inspired by Chanel fall's campaign

an interchangeable agate necklace 

Easy to make, ready in few minutes, and a statement piece, too!

It's extremely easy to make, just few steps:


* a pair of suspender clips (I used a pair that I already had, but if I had to buy, I would go with these heart shaped ones!)
* one agate slice (got mine on Ebay - if you type "agate slice" you'll have an amazing selection within shapes, colors, with or without a druzy... and they are cheap, too!)
* 2 split rings 
* 13" of chain
* embellishments for the clips (I used some flat mother of pearl beads)
* pliers

easy photo step-by-step tutorial:

* modify the top part of the clips with your pliers, so that once the clips will be linked to the chain, the chain will be in the middle part.

* pry open the clips (since they are made for fabric, the agate slices are thicker, so need to be modified - go slowly and try on your slice until you reached the right size)

* apply some glue on the surface of the clips

* place your embellishments

* let dry - add the splitrings (since the clips and the agate will have some weight, I'd rather use splitrings than  jumprings)

* clip your agate and ... rock your new necklace!

Note: some slices are thicker than others, so if you want to make sure you won't loose your agate while out and about, consider using a small piece of mounting tape inside your clips. It will give the right grip and won't ruin your stone :)

xox, d.

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