Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY bubble earrings

I like my earrings minimal, but interesting... and not too big

This year I'm completely taken with royal blue 
// see here and  here //
 {but last year, too} 
//see here and here //
and lapis lazuli is the perfect stone to go with it.

Inspired by these earrings I saw on the MoMA store:
left pic: MoMAstore - collage by moi
While in Istanbul few weeks ago, I purchased two large lapis lazuli round beads, with the idea of making a pair of earrings (to go with a pretty ring I bought at the Grand Bazaar).

grab your supplies!

* a pair of flat pliers (the pliers need to be polished flat in the inside, without the gripping lines - at least for * a small part of it),
* two large-ish beads with a not-too-large hole
* wire (mine is sterling silver 18Gauge Half Hard) and a big marker.

{I'm using wire because I couldn't find headpins with the right gauge and the extra 3" length}

And here's the fast tutorial:

squeeze the edge of the wire with the flat part of the pliers, (about 1/16")

Keep squeezing until it will flatten out like in the picture:

Cut the wire at 3" length and repeat on the next piece of wire

I needed, use some sand paper or a nail file to smooth the surface of the part being flatten out.

thread your beads

using the marker, place the wires next to each other, paying attention that the beads will be at the same level and tape the wires to the marker

Bend the wires together and release from the marker

Last part, modify the shape of the wires by making it a little less round and more "oval"
... and...done!

xox, d.

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