Sunday, September 23, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #12

How do we feel about cables and wires?

I would hide them all.

New technologies are more and more into wire-LESS devices,
but something, somewhere, always will be wire-WITH.

Deal with it.
Beside, it could be fun and pretty!

This week's inspiration is all about "show-it-off" 
rather than "hide-it-all"!

make it look good

-1- draw something fun using cable clips just like artist Maisie Maud Broadhead did here (scroll on picture #5 of her website and you'll have some basic tutorial)
-2- found on lifehacker, just using glue and mounting tape to make a circuit-look 
-3- a tutorial by Design Sponge to make a sculptural, fun and bold braid.

 anything looks better with leaves

-1- cable clips with bird and leaves by pa-design
-2- zip-ties with leaves by lufdesign
-3- leaves on the rubber cord cover by houzz

if it's XL, make it work

-1 & 2 - mind-blowing these knitted cables made into a light fixture by designer Kwangho Lee
-3- the coil lamp by Craighton Berman (which I love and own, and makes me smile every time I look at it!)

...So now you are looking at your cables and think... "okay maybe you're not that ugly, afterward!"

have a great Sun-DIY!!

xox, d.

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