Sunday, September 2, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #10

How many magazines stacked in a corner do you have?
And you keep telling yourself: I'll make something with these colorful, shiny pages?

it's the time to Do It!

Today's Do-Inspire-Yourelf is completely dedicated to magazines 

It's not just glossy paper.
Let's start look at magazines after we've done reading it, 
and coveting their editorials!


Samuel Price's love for dogs and art meet half way: check his dogs collages made with magazine squares (and you can commission one for your dog... check it out here!)

shoes, objects and portraits 

Derek Gores has a stunning collage's technique. I love his portraits, as well as his objects collages: check them out!
He has several exhibitions around the US at the moment.
Best part? workshops! keep an eye on the where and when, because it could be a really, REALLY interesting thing to do!

intensity and kids.

Patrick Bremer's collages are strong and full of intensity. This one is one of my favorites, but to understand what I mean you should check out his portfolio.
One of each, please?


I really love Dan Oprisor 's pop art inspired collages.
The bright colors, the big typography. Just stunning. 

color by numbers.

Found at flavorwire, the work of Vik Muniz takes the "color by number" technique to re-create famous paintings to a brand new level. All the colors are tiny scraps of magazine's pages.


Found on, these amazing sculptures made out of resin, wires, and magazines paper. 
Artist Yun-Woo Choi 3D big scales works are simply stunning and they take you to another world.

sitting on magazines.

Pick your style: but these are smart way to keep all your thick September's issues and make something comfortable with it!

magazine stool @ recyclart

magazine stool @ swiss-miss

and some tutorials from the blogosphere:

Have a great SunDIY!

xox, d.


  1. Some great inspiration there! I love collage :) Will definitely be keeping my magazines that little bit longer before consigning them to the recycling bin!

  2. Wow, now I know what to do with my millions of mafazines... THX!

  3. Hi, nice to meet you!
    Thanks a lot for linking me! I'm so excited and I follow your very inspiring blog!
    Clara from Creamamma

  4. wow! I love all these collages. And this last magazine stool is so pretty!!

  5. That magazine seat is so cute.

  6. I really use this from MAGAZINE STOLL idea for my Burda magazines! I will picture when I make it! Kisses from Serbia and Belgrade

  7. loving the magazine seat such a great way to put magazines into use x

  8. Great post. Nise blog. Follow each other?

  9. These are amazing! The Patrick Bremer one is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

    <3 Melissa

  10. wow I have no words, just love.


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