Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DIY recycled magazines art

Magazine ads and editorials are the perfect crafting supplies

I made this composition of cutouts circles of magazine's paper long time ago.
I don't have the step-by-step pictures, but it's pretty straight-forward!

Now you know the reason why this past Do-Inspire-Yourself was all about recycling magazine pages!
In the past I made flowers  but that doesn't use much :) 

I used a glass to cut the circles, and then I sorted them in 9 ranges of colors: 
purple - yellow -green - blue - grey - pink - orange - red -brown

I used 16 circles for each picture (although I cut way more)

Once I had all my circles, I placed on a white piece of paper and decided how far apart they needed to be and how big had to be the frame.
I ended up with a 15" square frame, which I built using these easy to assemble wood kits, then placed a ring hanger in the middle top of the frame.
I had the glass cut in the right size at the hardware store, and I was ready to have fun with my circles.

I cut out a piece of cardboard for the backing, and cut some white Japanese rice paper to fit (I bought it at Hobby Lobby, it comes in big sheets, but they don't have a link on their web site), and then started to place the circles on the paper, securing them with a tiny piece of acid-free double tape (using the acid free, the glue of the tape won't go through the paper and your art will last longer).
Used some pin tacks to secure the back of the frame and hanged on the wall!

In this last move, they changed location (once again) and they are now in my little nook in the bedroom, where I have my tiny office.

xox, d.
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