Thursday, September 27, 2012

DIY Matthew Williamson tassel necklace

SS 2013 fashion weeks are in full speed

...but we are going to be layered in warm clothes
 in a matter of days. (bummer)
On the bright side... some pieces on the runways 
could be season-less.

left pic: - collage by moi

this Matthew Williamson's necklace is one of them.

Can be sported over a LBD, or a turtle neck, or on a cardigan over a button-down.
... And will brighten up the gloomiest day.


And here's the best part:
I had all the supplies {no, my stash is not that huge... JK!!)
Including some pretty coins with a whole in the middle from one of my husband's recent trip to Asia.

my instagram @iamdonatella

Tools:                                             Metal:                                            Pop of Color:

* needle with big eye                      * Chain (26 inches)                        * cotton yarn, floss
* cut pliers                                      * Lobster Clasp + soldered ring      * turquoise beads
* round nose pliers                         * wire 24 gauge                              * blu beads
* scissors                                        * headpins                                      * coral beads (part of
* a piece of cardboard                    * charms, broken earrings, coins        broken jewelry)
(about 3" x 5")                               * some big metal beads

tutorial - part 1: woven chain and closure

Weave in the yarn or floss in the color of your choice for 13", making a knot at the beginning and at the end of the chain.
Remove one link of the chain and wrap the wire around the last link with the knot, threading a metal bead and a stone, then wrap and close the wire around the lobster clasp.
Repeat on the other side, attaching the beads to the part of the chain that is not woven-in.

tutorial - part 2: making charm tassels

Use a small piece of tape to tape onto the top part of the cardboard 3" of wire, and bend the wire in a "U" shape; wrap the yarn or floss around the cardboard, in between the wire "sides" (I wrapped 31 times each tassel).
Using caution, remove the tape and wrap close the wire on the top, making sure that you are not messing up the tassel-in-process.
Cut the bottom part of the tassel.
Wrap the "head" with different colors floss, once you're done, use the needle to poke the inside of the head of the tassel all the way up and going back down again (you can do this a couple of time if you want to be extra- sure that the tassel won't get un-done), and then cut the excess yarn underneath.
I made 8 tassels: 3 white - 2 indigo blue - 3 navy blue
Use the excess wire on top to thread one or two beads.

While wearing the chain, decide where you would like to have the tassels: make a simple hook on the wire and hang your tassels on the chain: once you're happy with the result (top right photo shows how mine ended up once lying flat) wrap the wire around, making sure that the loop is big enough to have the tassels moving loosely onto the chain.
Time to add the other charms, beads, coins (and the lonely earrings)...
As shown onto the photo on the bottom right, I didn't add them all "looking down", but I also placed some onto the top part, I think it gives more movement.

Here some details:

I love it!
Have fun making one, and you can really use up all these random beads and parts!

xox, d.

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