Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DIY: lengthen a shirt à la Palmer Harding

shirt got too short? you can fix that and make it stylish!

Back in May I posted about having few too many tops that are a bit too short.

So happy I'll be able to wear this shirt again... I only used once or twice and then got washed at way too high temperature, and shrank :(
(and that's the only reason: I stopped growing long time ago!!!)

Fact: I can't believe summer is gone and I managed to restyle only one... until last night.

The Palmer Harding FW2012 collection was the perfect inspiration. 

left picture: palmer//harding - collage by moi

I knew I was going to save my pretty crispy white shirt the minute I saw Style Bubble's post about these white shirts with a contrast neutral insert.

To lengthen a shirt with this inspiration, you need: 

* a crispy white shirt
* 2" wide Aida cloth ribbon (length of your waist circumference + 6 inches)
* pins, needle, matching thread and scissors

I choose the Aida cloth ribbon rather than grosgrain because I wanted something with the same width of the distance between the buttons, and I couldn't find grosgrain of the same size.
It's important to have the same width, so that the final shirt won't look weird with buttons at odd distance.

the tutorial:

Make sure that both the shirt and the Aida cloth ribbon 
(or whatever contrasting fabric that you'll be using) 
are being washed at the same temperature and cycle, 
and are being pressed.
(to avoid different rates shrinkage of different fabrics)

It's about measuring right and paying attention! The whole thing took me about one hour.

1* pin your waistline: it should be at the same level as one of the buttons.
2* remove the button at your waistline and remove also the extra button that should be hidden on the inside, you'll need this later!
3* fold the shirt in the middle by inserting one sleeve inside the other
4* pin in several spots, so the fabric won't move around
5* draw a line horizontally starting from the center of the button (that you just removed) on your waistline
6* trace the line all around, making sure that the line on both sides of the opening of the shirt will coincide (try the shirt on and look in the mirror, front and back, to make sure that the line is right on your waist)
7* cut all along the line
8* zig-zag the edges on both part of the shirt
9* pin the Aida cloth ribbon onto the shirt, first on the top part, then the bottom
10* bast the Aida cloth, leaving about 2 inches on both openings
11* fold the extra Aida cloth inward (not completely in half, I left about 1/4")
12* and fold it again: it should match the folded part where the buttons of the shirt are.
13* sew with a straight stitch all around and remove the basting stitches
14* trace at the edge of the Aida cloth ribbon, the new buttonholes
15* using the buttonhole foot, make the two buttonholes on both edges of the Aida cloth ribbon

... now sew back the two buttons on the other side and it's ready!

xox, d.

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